Note: All beaches in the Adur and Worthing area are shingle (however, some sand may be revealed at full low tide).

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Kingston Beach

Kingston Beach

Kingston Beach has status as a Village Green and the lighting of fires and barbeques is not permitted on this beach.

Please respect this beach and comfort of nearby residents.

The Shoreham Harbour RNLI Lifeboat Station and Shoreham Lighthouse are located at Kingston Beach near the Shoreham Harbour entrance.

The following areas are either on, or adjacent to, Kingston Beach:

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Lancing Beach

Lancing Beach

Barbeques are permitted on Lancing Beach, from April through to October each year, in the designated area to the west of the beach where special disposal bins are provided.

The beaches at Lancing are controlled by:

From April to October the Coastal Office actively patrol this area providing a foreshore and water safety service.

The following areas are either on, or adjacent to, Lancing Beach:

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Shoreham Beach

Shoreham Beach and vegetated shingle

The vegetated shingle on this beach is an internationally rare habitat that contains such plants as Yellow Horned Poppy, Sea Kale and Curled Dock. These plants encourage a wealth of wildlife to the beach. This is why the beach became a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) on 10th June 2006. A certificate was presented to commemorate the event.

You may not barbeque on Shoreham Beach because of its status as an LNR. Please respect this area. For alternative places please see the barbeques page.

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The following areas are either on, or adjacent to, Shoreham Beach:

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Shoreham Beach Boardwalk

Since 2011, Shoreham's beautiful beach has seen a boardwalk surface on the shingle, connecting the road with the shoreline using modern materials sympathetic to the area's conservation status.

The boardwalk allows the beach and amazing its natural vistas to be enjoyed by all - previously it was nearly impossible for anyone living with a mobility issue to get across the stones to watch the sunset and waves breaking.

The boardwalk has opened up over 1.2km of Shoreham's beach front.

Photo: Shoreham Beach Boardwalk - looking east

Shoreham Beach Boardwalk - looking east

Photo: Shoreham Beach Boardwalk - looking west

Shoreham Beach Boardwalk - looking west

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Friends of Shoreham Beach

Friends of Shoreham Beach (FOSB) work to support the Local Nature Reserve (LNR) through raising public interest in the plants and animals which live on Shoreham Beach and also awareness of their fragility in the face of inappropriate human activities.

They organise beach cleans, monitor rare species and remove invasive ones to preserve the habitat for for present and future generations.

For further information on joining Friends of Shoreham Beach see the:

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Southwick and Fishersgate beaches

Southwick beach

Beaches at Southwick and Fishersgate are mainly in the ownership of Shoreham Port Authority.

Barbeques, bonfires or fireworks are not permitted on these beaches.

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Worthing Beach

Worthing Beach and pier

Worthing Beach is 10.5 miles between Ferring in the west and Lancing in the east.

The beach is made up of mainly shingle above high water and sand down to low water, with rock pools.

2018: Worthing Beach has been recognised by Keep Britain Tidy as one of the best in the country after winning the coveted Seaside Award for the second year running.

2014: The quality of the water on Worthing Beach is 'excellent' according to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) who has awarded the beach a coveted Good Beach Guide Certificate.

2010: Water quality tested by the Environment Agency in May 2010 was excellent.

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Dogs on the beach

The only restriction to dogs on the beaches in Adur and Worthing is that between 1st May and 30th September dogs are excluded between Heene Road and Splash Point in Worthing and between the two boat launching ramps in Goring.

However, all dogs that are taken onto our beaches must be kept under strict control at all times and their owners, or the people who are in charge of the dogs, are required to thoroughly clean up after them and to use the dog bins provided.

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Page last updated: 24 March 2021