Worthing CIL examination 2020

Worthing Borough Council submitted its revised CIL draft charging schedule for examination in October 2020.

The council has agreed to the appointment of Jameson Bridgwater PGDIPL MRTPI to conduct the examination into the Worthing Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) revised Draft Charging Schedule. The Hearing session was held on Thursday 28th January 2021 and the Inspector's Report (linked below) was received on 27th May 2021:

For any questions regarding the CIL Examination, please contact the appointed Programme Officer, who can be contacted by emailing:

The date of the Worthing CIL Examination was Thursday 28th January 2021, commencing at 10am. The Examination took place virtually via Zoom, however members of the public were available to watch live via YouTube.

The following Privacy Notices relate to the Worthing CIL Examination:

All documentation relating to the CIL Examination can be found on this page below.

All documents listed below are available to view as hard copies on request. Alternatively, the draft charging schedule and relevant evidence are available for inspection at the council offices in Worthing Town Hall. Due to the ongoing pandemic, a request to view these will need to be made by emailing:

Core documents

To aid the examination the council created a library of core documents. These are categorised within groups and linked below:

You may also be interested in:

CD01 - National Legislation and Guidance

These all link to PDFs on the Legislation GOV.UK [L] or the GOV.UK [G] websites:

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CD02 - CIL Submission Documents

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CD03 - Supporting Documents

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CD04 - Representations on Draft Charging Schedule

A summary of the representations which were received are available in 'CD02-4 Statement of Representations Reg 19 (1) (b)' - see CD02 (above).

Some of the documents listed below (provided by outside organisations) either contain scanned image of pages of other publications, or are not linked to a PDF. If you have problems accessing any of these files they can be provided as electronic copies on request by emailing planning.policy@adur-worthing.gov.uk 


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CD05 - Modifications

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CD06 - Examination Documents

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