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Pest Control

Domestic properties:

Commercial properties:

Other information:

About Pest Control

Adur & Worthing Council's Pest Control Team is made up of specialist officers who will, under normal circumstances, aim to respond to requests within two working days of receiving your call.

A very competitive first class pest control service to business premises in Adur and Worthing is also provided. The team provides its services to a number of hotels and nursing homes, many of whom have regular inspections and preventative treatments carried out on a contract basis.

The Councils' Pest Control Officers are fully experienced and trained to the very high standards of the Royal Society of Public Health (external website).

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What pests do we deal with?

As a general rule, it is an individual's responsibility to deal with the pests on his or her premises.

Some can be dealt with by homeowners and business owners themselves, using products readily available from retail outlets.

However, others need special treatments and it is essential to get proper, professional advice on how to deal with them safely and quickly, without damaging the environment, affecting people's health or causing damage to the property.

The Councils provide a chargeable pest control service for the following pests:

We can also offer advice on the following pests:

Other advice:

  • In addition to offering a pest eradication service our officers will be happy to give advice on dealing with pests that are not covered by the service.
  • Should you find an insect in your home that you are not sure of and would like to know if it is viewed as a 'pest' by our pest control officers, then we can offer an identification service and advice on treatment if necessary.

Note: There is no service provided during evenings and weekends. Some private contractors may offer such a service.

Some other pests we don't offer help or advice on are listed below - you may find some useful information about them on the links to external websites provided:

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Prices / Charges - Domestic properties

Note: Fees are payable before the pest control team arrive.

Prices are subject to an annual increase in April, prices correct as at 01-04-2018.

Domestic properties
Rats £39.00 Included
Rats - Reduced charge* £30.00 Included
Mice £66.00 Included
Mice - Reduced charge* £33.00 Included
Fleas, Bedbugs & Cockroaches £71.00 Included
Fleas, Bedbugs & Cockroaches - Reduced charge* £35.50 Included
Wasps £56.00 Included
Wasps - Reduced charge* £28.00 Included

* Reduced charge for those in receipt of Income Support, Council Tax Benefit, or Housing Benefit.

Reporting pests or requesting pest control services - Domestic properties

Residential or private premises:

You can report pests and request the pest control service (or make a general enquiry about pests) using the form below:

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Reporting pests on commercial properties

Food premises:

If you wish to make a complaint about a food business then please refer to:

Other premises:

If you wish to make a complaint about another type of premises then please contact the Pest Control service (see contact details right).

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The following Acts are the primary Acts under which the Councils control pests. There are numerous other Acts which maybe taken into consideration. Should you wish any further information please contact the Pest Control service.

  • Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949:
    • Section 2: Every Local Authority is responsible for ensuring that its district is kept free of rats and mice by undertaking inspections, destroying rodents on its own land and enforcing similar duties on owners and occupiers land.
    • Section 3: Occupiers of non agricultural land must notify the Local Authority if substantial numbers of rats and mice are living on their land.
    • Section 4: The Local Authority can require owners and occupiers of land to take specified action within a reasonable time to get rid of rats and mice. A notice can detail methods of treatment, when it has to be carried out and any structural repairs. The Local Authority can take action in default and charge the owner/ occupier.
    • Section 6: The Local Authority can take action where substantial numbers of rats and mice are found on land comprised of a number of different premises and recover costs. 
    • See also: Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 - on the UK Legislation website
  • Protection of Animals Act 1911:
  • Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1927:
    • This Act amends Section 8 of the Protection of Animals Act 1911 so that the use of poison or poison bait is prohibited on any land or building except for the purpose of destroying insects, rats and mice provided that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent injury to cats, dogs, fowls and other domestic animals and wild birds.
    • See also: Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1927 - on the UK Legislation website
  • Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981:

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