Pest Control

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If you need a pest control service

Please note: Adur & Worthing Councils do not operate our own pest control service.

As a general rule, it is an individual's responsibility to deal with the pests on their own premises.

Some can be dealt with by homeowners and business owners themselves, using products readily available from retail outlets.

However, others need special treatments and it is essential to get proper, professional advice on how to deal with them safely and quickly, without damaging the environment, affecting people's health or causing damage to the property.

The British Pest Controllers Association (BCPA) provides details of its approved members and you can search for companies in your local area. Please see the:

Adur Homes tenants: Please note that we do not treat pests in your flat, house or garden. We will treat pests in common areas only. To report pests in a common area, please see:

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Advice about pests - self help

Below is some useful advice on how you can deal with a number of different pests and the hazards they can pose:

Other pest information on external websites:

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Further information

The following Acts relate to Pest Control:

There are numerous other Acts which maybe taken into consideration.

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Page last updated: 03 April 2024

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