Pest Control - Bees

Note: Adur & Worthing Councils do not offer a pest control service. This page is to offer advice and information only. Please see our pest control homepage for how to find a pest control service.

About bees and problems they may cause

Bees are not actually considered a pest as they are essential pollinators.

However they may cause a nuisance when they swarm or establish themselves in/on your property.

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Are they a health hazard?

A sting from a bee is not only very painful; it can also cause, for some unfortunate people, anaphylactic shock that can prove fatal.

In the case of anaphylactic shock seek immediate medical assistance, as speed is the essence in such situations.

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What to do if you get a swarm or nest

Note: Do not approach a swarm or nest.

They will often be removed safely by a beekeeper for a reasonable charge or in some cases for free.

Should you require assistance with a bee problem please contact one of the following Beekeepers:

  • Guy Wheatley: 07875 443 116 or 01903 235499 
    (collects swarms free of charge - work number, OK to ring anytime)
  • Oliver St. John: 07809 450 666 or email:
    (collects swarms free of charge)
  • Val Kirk: 07743 371 871
    (collects swarms free of charge from Findon Village, Findon Valley and High Salvington)
  • Helena Lewis:  07929 458 680 or 01903 814290
    (collects swarms free of charge from Shoreham, Southwick, Lancing, Upper Beeding, Bramber and Steyning)
  • Debra Edwards: 07900 553 364
    (collects swarms free of charge from Shoreham, Southwick, Lancing, Portslade, Steyning and surrounding areas)

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See also - external websites

The following external websites offer more information about bees:

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Page last updated: 03 April 2024

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