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Note: Adur & Worthing Councils do not offer a service to deal with seagulls, this page is to offer advice and information only. Please see our pest control homepage for how to request a pest control service.

About seagulls

Adur and Worthing's seagull population is predominantly made up of herring gulls.

Herring gulls roost and nest on buildings near the coast.

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They may become aggressive between April and September when incubating eggs and rearing young.

This protective behaviour can result in attacks.

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Protection of birds (and problems they may cause)

All birds, eggs and their nests are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Under this Act birds cannot be taken, killed or their nests or eggs removed except under licence. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) issue a number of general licences which allow authorised persons to take or kill using certain specified methods.

The 1981 Act does not allow action against birds for the prevention of damage to property or nuisance problems, ie noise or smell.

Only non lethal methods may be used to prevent nuisance problems.

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Control methods

Proofing property so birds cannot roost or nest is probably the most effective means of control as culling will only solve the problem short term, as any suitable site will quickly be repopulated.

Plastic spikes and netting fixed to suitable sites should deter gulls roosting and nesting. Regular maintenance is necessary as gulls will take advantage of any faults.

Several companies specialising in bird proofing are available in the local telephone book.

See also the following external websites:

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