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You can request a repair to your Adur Homes property or garage using our online repairs portal. You are also able to choose a convenient time for us to carry out the repair. 

Please use the form below to request a repair:

To help us resolve the issue quickly please provide as much information as possible when reporting a repair.

To find out more about using the online repairs service please watch the short video at the end of this page.

What repairs you are responsible for?

To find out what repairs you are responsible for and what we will repair for you, please see the relevant document below:

If you are a tenant: Please see the:

If you are a leaseholder: Please see the repairs section (page 4) of the:

If you are looking for a pest control service:

  • Please note Adur Homes do not provide a pest control service for residents within their property. It is your responsibility as a tenant to employ a pest control service for your flat, house or garden.

If you need repairs advice but you're not an Adur Homes tenant or leaseholder please see:

For Adur Homes tenants and leaseholders - see also: 

For advice on other housing issues or complaints please see:

Video: how to use the online repairs service

To find out more about using the online repairs service please watch this short at the end of this page:

Please use the form above to request a repair.

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Page last updated: 12 February 2024

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