Pest Control - Pigeons (feral pigeons)

Note: Adur & Worthing Councils do not offer a service to deal with pigeons, this page is to offer advice and information only. Please see our pest control homepage for how to request a pest control service.

About feral pigeons

The feral pigeon is descended from domesticated strains of the rock dove and the wild breeding population is supplemented by racing pigeons and escapees from domestic pigeon lofts.

Feral pigeons build their nests in or on buildings and other structures, where they are usually found on ledges or in hollows, under eaves or on girders.

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Some feral pigeons are capable of breeding throughout the year, however the peak occurs between March and July.

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Problems caused by pigeons

Much of the damage caused by pigeons arises from infestations of buildings and their fouling.

The acidity of their droppings may erode the surface of stonework, gutters and drains become blocked and pavements may be made unsafe because of the potential of slipping on droppings.

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Are they a health hazard?

Feral pigeons should also be regarded as potential carriers of disease such as salmonella.

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Control methods 

Proofing of roosting and potential nest sites is probably the most effective means of control.

Plastic spikes and netting fixed to suitable sites should deter roosting and nesting. Pest control companies specialising in bird proofing may be found in the local telephone book or on the internet.

Shooting or trapping can be effective, but to meet with legislation it is recommended that this is carried out by a professional.

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