Estates: Properties and land available to buy or let

Details of any available sites and opportunities owned by the Councils are below, along with details on how to apply.

If you have an enquiry about property which you believe we own, but that is not listed, please contact the Estates service.

Council owned property or land available to buy or let (sites); and Expressions of Interest

If we have any sites or opportunities or expressions of interest available they will be listed here alphabetically by name or address/road name - otherwise this section will be left blank:

Bank House, Southwick Square, BN42 4FH

The Council is seeking a tenant for Bank House in Southwick Square. Expressions of interest are being sought for a possible lease of the premises.

For full details and how to apply see:

See also:

Former EDF Car Park:
Southdownview Road, Worthing, BN14 8NH

An opportunity to lease a site which comprises a plot of approximately 2.45 acres (1 ha). The site currently consists of a surfaced car park to the rear of the former EDF offices (located on the east side of Southdownview Road, Worthing)

For full details and how to apply see:

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Grazing land

Adur & Worthing Councils own grazing land throughout the District and Borough. Any grazing land available to let is listed below:

  • Sorry - there is no grazing land available at the moment

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Car parking spaces and garage rentals

We offer garage rentals in Southwick Square. Please contact us to enquire about availability.

To find out about other opportunities to rent a garage or parking space in Adur or Worthing, please see:

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To find out about seasonal concession availability, please see:

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Property or land available in surrounding areas

To find out about any opportunities to buy or let property or land owned by other local authorities or parish councils in surrounding areas, you may find the following contact details helpful. 

The map on this page also shows the boundaries of Adur District and Worthing Borough, in case you're unsure which part of Adur and Worthing your work or home address is located in. 

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Notices will occasionally be listed here - if there are none then this section will be left blank:

  • Sorry - no Notices

Page last updated: 12 May 2023

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