Seasonal concessions

About concessions

As part of the continuing Seafront Investment Plan, the Place and Economy Team aims to identify, develop and maximise additional commercial opportunities, including the enhancement of existing facilities, services and attractions. The provision of new facilities will be encouraged to promote and enhance the character of the designated activity zones.

The definition of a concession covered by a Seasonal Concession Licence will be:

“A temporary consent to trade from Council owned land, where no Council building for exclusive use or significant occupation takes place”.

Any request requiring a business lease or a formal tender will continue to be dealt with by the Councils' Property Team. Any Seasonal Concession Licence offered by the Council grants the Licensee the right to use the Site in common with the Council and members of the public for the purpose defined by the Licence. The Council may suspend or vary operation of the concession subject to the licence on 24 hours notice or immediately in the event of an emergency if repair works to the Council's land, promenade or the adjoining foreshore are to be carried out, or if a public event is to take place.

In Worthing, the area for Seasonal Concessions includes the length of the seafront from Western Road in the east to Goring Gap in the west. Each year we have a number of returning concessions, covering a variety of offers including mobile refreshments, fresh seafood and water sports. From summer 2019, we will also be trialling a small number of concession licences in some of the parks across Worthing.

In Adur, whilst there is no formal promenade, there are opportunities for concessional activities within the Recreation Grounds and Parks. These have previously been arranged by our Parks and Foreshore team, but from Summer 2019 a small number will be trialled via the Seasonal Concessions application process along with the sites available in Worthing.

See also: Map of all the sites (below)

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Concessions Policy

The policy is very much a live document, which will be reviewed regularly, and will apply to all concessions granted for operation along the promenade and in the surrounding parks, gardens and open spaces owned by Adur & Worthing Councils.

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Concession Licence Fees

From summer 2019, the fee for a Concession Licence was standardised according to the use. When a new site is introduced, an alternative fee may be arranged. Annually, at the Council's discretion, fees may be reviewed and be subject to an increase of up to 5%.

All net income gained from concessions revenue is ring-fenced for reinvestment into future regeneration projects along the seafront and in the public parks across Adur and Worthing respectively.

An administration fee of £50.00, full payment for the agreed licence period and any legal costs incurred in preparation of the licence are required in advance of the start date by the applicant, unless an instalment plan has been agreed. Should the concession operator require the use of electricity or water, and they are available at the agreed site, the Council will recharge for the full cost of consumption by the concession operator during the agreed licence period.

Concession Licence Fees 2020
TypeAdmin FeeAnnual FeeSummer Season
(Apr to Sept)
Monthly FeeWeekly FeeDaily Fee
Ice Cream Vans £50.00 £4,750.00*** N/A N/A N/A N/A
Refresh- ments £50.00 £2,625.00 £1,575.00 Off-peak** £175.00
Peak** £350.00
Water Sports £50.00 N/A £1,050.00* N/A N/A £14.00*
Others £50.00 N/A N/A £350.00 £95.00 £14.00

Please note:

* for Water Sports: the summer season will be March to October inclusive. The daily rate for Water Sports applies only to a second instructor which must be agreed in advance. VAT is charged where applicable. Usually, VAT only applies to 'ambulatory' concessions.

** for Refreshments:
  - Peak: is June, July and August
  - Off peak: is the rest of the year

*** for Ice-Cream Vans: the standard annual season will be from Good Friday or 1st April (whichever is first) to October inclusive

For all sites: The Council reserves the right to charge an enhanced fee for premium sites, categorised by being adjacent to high footfall year-round attractions.

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How to apply for a Seasonal Concession Licence

All of the sites available for licensing will be marketed at the start of each year, with applications invited for submission by mid-February in time for award of licence in March/April.

Recent licence holders and those who have requested to receive marketing updates about concessions will be emailed the relevant details once released which can be found below under 'Concession Sites', together with application forms and any other necessary documents.

Whilst we aim for all sites to be licensed by the start of the main season, it will be at the Councils' discretion to accept and award late applications throughout the year for any vacant sites.

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Concession sites

In Worthing: we have 22 seafront sites and 4 park sites available for concession use. Our Property Team also manage the leasing of Council owned property including the seafront kiosks. Each concession site is evaluated for a particular use, with some sites suitable for more than one type of concession. For further details please view the list and map below.

In Adur: whilst there is no formal promenade, we have 2 water sports sites available for SUP or kayak hire. We are not able to accept applications for any other types of water sports, including kite surfing, at the present time. Within the parks in Adur, we also have a further 5 refreshment sites.

Map of all Concession Sites:

Concession types

  • Refreshments:
    • F: Food & Drink including teas, coffees, soft drinks, ice-creams, sandwiches, local produce, etc
  • Water Sports:
    • W: Water Sports including kite-surf tuition, paddle board and kayak hire and instruction, etc
  • Other:
    • A: Arts and/or Culture, including performance, face painting, hair braiding, art, etc
    • L: Leisure/Rides, including trampolines, inflatables, cycles, etc
    • R: Retail (non-food) including hand-made accessories, beach goods, local produce (non-food), ancillary sales, etc

List of available Concession Sites

Sites are listed below by 'area' or 'zone', along with its site reference number and type(s) of concessions suited to that site (F, W, A, L and/or R).

For each site:

  • if the site is available the application forms can be found below
  • if the site is currently in use or unavailable it is not listed below

For the summer season 2020 we have received an exceptionally large number of applications, which has resulted in the promenade at Worthing being almost full to capacity. However, as we are keen to support our local businesses, we would ask that you forward details of your concession proposal to the team for consideration at any alternative sites which may come to fruition.

Areas/Zones: (listed from east to west)

AREA/ZONE: Adur Parks

Available sites:

Adur Rec (Ref: AP-CS001-F)

Lancing Manor (Ref: AP-CS002-F)

Kingston Buci Lighthouse (Ref: AP-CS003-F)

Shoreham Beach Green (Ref: AP-CS004-F)

Southwick Rec (Ref: AP-CS005-F)

AREA/ZONE: Adur Water Sports

Available sites:

Southwick (Carats Café) (Ref: AW-CS001-W)

Ferry Road Beach (Ref: AW-CS002-W)

AREA/ZONE: East Worthing

Available sites:

West End Way (Ref: EW-CS003-W)

AREA/ZONE: Active Beach Zone

All the sites in this zone are currently in use

AREA/ZONE: Heritage Quarter

Available sites:

Speakers Corner (Ref: HQ-CS001-AR)

Dome Toilets West (Ref: HQ-CS003-ALFR)

AREA/ZONE: Entertainment Zone

All the sites in this zone are currently in use

AREA/ZONE: Western Gateway

All the sites in this zone are currently in use


All the sites in this zone are currently in use

AREA/ZONE: Worthing Parks

Available sites:

Pond Lane Rec (Ref: WP-CS002-F)

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2020 Winter Season Concession Licences

Local businesses are invited to apply for one of the pop-up outdoor trading spaces in Adur and Worthing this winter. The closing date is midday on Monday 19th October 2020.

Please note that all applications must be returned by email as we are not able to consider postal applications at this time:

Following on from the success and popularity of the pop-up food and drink traders on the seafront this summer, Adur & Worthing Councils are extending the programme into the winter. This comes at a time when many businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, are struggling to operate indoors due to the COVID pandemic.

The pop-up outdoor trading spaces, which are available at a range of spots including Worthing seafront, offer local businesses the opportunity to trade safely in the open air, and forms part of the Councils' programme of work to support local businesses to get up and running again in response to the pandemic.

Applications are invited from local businesses that are 'ready to trade' to take advantage of the October half term.

Successful applicants will be informed by Friday 23rd October 2020 to start trading from Saturday 24th October 2020.

If you would like to trade in Adur, please complete an Adur application form:

If you would like to trade in Worthing, please complete a Worthing application form:

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Page last updated: 14 October 2020