Garage rentals

Rent a garage with Adur Homes:

Adur Homes have garage spaces available to rent across the Adur District.

These garages can be used to store taxed and roadworthy private vehicles, or for general storage. They do not have their own electricity supply, although some users have added their own solar powered lighting.

Please note that property stored in these garages is kept there at the owner's risk, and we accept no liability. We recommend users ensure they have adequate insurance to cover any items of value.

Adur Homes also have some parking spaces available to rent across Adur and Worthing.

Weekly rent charges:

Prices from 4th April 2024 to 2nd April 2025. Prices are subject to an annual increase in April, prices correct as at 1st April 2024.

Standard size garages:

  • £11.17 for Adur Homes tenants/leaseholders
  • £13.40 for non-tenants (including £2.23 VAT)

Smaller garages:

  • £8.13 for Adur Homes tenants/leaseholders
  • £9.76 for non-tenants (including £1.63 VAT)

Note on VAT charges:

If you rent a garage from Adur Homes and are not a council housing tenant, the standard rate of VAT applies to the garage rent as it is separate to the dwelling you rent.

If you are an Adur Homes tenant and also rent a garage from the council you are not charged VAT on the rent for the garage.

Apply for a garage with Adur Homes

Please note that due to high demand the waiting list for garages is currently closed. Please check this page for future updates.

Manage your garage tenancy

If you rent a parking space through Adur Homes you can pay your rent account online:

If you need to report a problem with your garage you can do so online:

If you are having difficulty paying the rent on your garage please email:

End a garage tenancy with Adur Homes

If you wish to end your garage tenancy please use the form below. Please note we need four weeks notice.

For further information please contact Adur Homes on:

Other garage availability


Worthing Homes offers some garage rentals. For details please see:

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Garage sign up information

Please note: the following information only applies if you have already applied for an Adur Homes garage and have been offered a garage. If you haven't already joined the waiting list please see how to apply (above).

Starting a new garage rental:

  • If you would like to accept a garage rental offer from the council you will need to attend a sign-up appointment to confirm the agreement. This will take place at our offices: Worthing Town Hall, Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1HA

Before the appointment you will need to:

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • a payment card (to make your initial payment)
  • the completed Direct Debit instruction form

Once your initial payment has been received and a monthly Direct Debit has been set up we will sign a garage licence agreement with you and you can collect the garage keys.

Please note - important:

If you do not attend the sign-up appointment your application will be closed and the garage will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

If you need to reschedule your appointment please email us at:

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Page last updated: 07 June 2024

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