Report a problem with grass verges and parking

Grass verges

Grass verges form part of the public highway, and West Sussex County Council are responsible for maintaining them. This includes cutting the grass.

To report a vegetation problem to WSCC, please see:

We are responsible for removing litter and other items from verges. To report littering on verges, please see:

Grass verge parking

You should not park, or drive over, a grass verge. We realise that in some areas finding a place to park can be difficult, but parking or causing damage to grass verges is an offence.

The damage caused by vehicles to grass verges and pavements is expensive to repair. Parking on verges can also be hazardous to pedestrians and other road users, especially when vehicles obstruct a footpath or entrance, or park close to a bend or junction.

You can report a problem caused by grass verge parking to West Sussex County Council:

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