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Licences issued or dealt with by West Sussex County Council

A number of licences are dealt with or issued by West Sussex County Council (WSCC) these include:

Highway licences

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You will require a licence if on any highway you will be placing or operating any of the following on it:

  • Building materials
  • Demonstrations and Parades
  • Dropped Kerbs (or crossovers)
  • Highway Projections
  • Hoardings or site fences
  • Mobile cranes and tower cranes
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs or Cherry Pickers)
  • Notice boards
  • Planting
  • Price List
  • Scaffolding
  • Skips
  • Street Works - West Sussex permit scheme for road works and street works
  • Use a portable traffic signal on a public road (to work on the highway)

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Dropped kerbs, highway crossovers, driveways and front garden hardstandings

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Dropped kerbs and highway crossovers

If you are making a new access into your garden across the footpath you will need to obtain permission to drop the kerb in the form of a licence from West Sussex County Council (WSCC). The pavement may also need strengthening, this is to protect any services buried in the ground such as gas or water pipes. You can find out more on the West Sussex County Council website.

Driveways and front garden hardstandings

Please use the following links to find out about the changes in the General Permitted Development Order, planning permission and building regulations with regards to Driveways and hardstandings:

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Marriage licences / Marriage certificates

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See also:

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Other licences and licensing information

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For more information about licenses dealt with by West Sussex County Council use the links below or visit their website and do a search for licences or licensing:

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