Infrastructure and Transport (Worthing)

Infrastructure can take many forms, it can be defined in physical, green and community terms, and is essential to support the Council's objectives of increased housing provision, economic growth and mitigating climate change, as well as creating thriving and sustainable communities. Planning and delivery are the means by which these infrastructure needs are identified and planned for, and how it then comes about. 

Worthing Borough Council has signed a Statement of Common Ground (April 2020) which sets out the process and arrangements for cooperation between West Sussex County Council in relation to the following statutory and non-statutory functions and services: Minerals Planning; Waste Planning; Waste Disposal; Education; Transport; Flood Risk Management; Library Service; Public Health Service; Adult Services; Fire and Rescue Service. 

Infrastructure Delivery Plan - IDP (January 2021)

The Council has prepared this  Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) to ensure that the Submission Draft Worthing Local Plan can be supported by necessary infrastructure provision. The delivery of the right levels and type of infrastructure is essential to support new homes, economic growth and to protect the environment. It is important to note that the IDP is a mechanism for identifying the future infrastructure requirements of development proposed as a result of the Worthing Local Plan.

This document is the 'third' IDP for Worthing and supersedes the IDP published in October 2018 which was prepared to support the Regulation 18 Draft Worthing Local Plan. 

Infrastructure Delivery Plan - IDP (October 2018)

This document is the 'second' IDP for Worthing and supersedes the IDP published in 2010 which was prepared to support the Worthing Core Strategy (2011). The IDP is a 'live' evidence base document that will be regularly reviewed and updated as the Local Plan progresses.

Transport evidence to support the new Local Plan

To inform and support the development of the new Worthing Local Plan this report provides a transport evidence base which demonstrates the traffic implications of potential new land use development and identifies an associated package of transport improvements.

Parking provision

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) provides guidance on parking at new developments. The document, that was adopted in May 2019, applies to parking in residential developments where requirements are calculated on a site-specific basis using a demand calculator.

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Page last updated: 13 May 2022

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