Housing needs, supply and availability (Worthing): Housing Capacity (SHLAA)

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Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

What is a SHLAA?

Government guidance set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires all Councils to assess the amount of land available for housing development and publish the results in the form of a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). The primary role of the Assessment in Worthing is to:

  • Identify sites with the potential for housing (capable of accommodating 5+dwellings (net)).
  • Assess their housing potential
  • Assess when they are likely to be developed

The completed study forms part of the evidence base for Local Development Framework preparation and also the starting point for an annual monitoring of housing land availability.

The SHLAA is a technical study and not a policy document. Its purpose is to identify possible housing sites and assess overall housing potential. Therefore, a site's inclusion in the Assessment does not imply that it will be made available for housing. Decisions on which sites should be brought forward for development will be determined through the Local Plan process.

Updated Methodology 2020

Adur & Worthing Councils consulted on an updated methodology early in 2020. This included amendments to reflect the updated NPPF 2019 and the updated SHLAA guidance published by the Government. Responses received, and changes made, can be viewed in Appendix 1:

Responses received in respect of the 'Call for Sites 2020 have been assessed and are included within the updated SHLAA 2020.

Call for Sites

On regular occasions the Council has publicised a 'Call for Sites' when landowners, developers, agents and other stakeholders with knowledge and interests in the area are asked either to put forward opportunities for assessment or provide any updated information on existing SHLAA sites.

Like most authorities, Worthing Borough Council suggest a time period within which sites should be promoted. However, as housing need is so great in Worthing and site opportunities so limited the reality is that the 'Call for Sites' never closes, and interested parties are encouraged to submit potential sites for consideration at ANY time.

To help the assessment process anyone who is looking to promote a site is encouraged to refer to the guidance:

And then use the response form:

Latest Published SHLAA for Worthing:

The SHLAA 2020 Update can be viewed below:

Previous versions of SHLAA for Worthing:

SHLAA in the South Downs National Park

The study area of the Worthing SHLAA excludes parts of the Borough which lies within the South Downs National Park. Any development opportunities that are located in these areas will be considered as part of a separate SHLAA being progressed by the South Downs National Park Authority. The link below to the South Downs National Park website provides further information:

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Page last updated: 16 January 2024

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