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Mayoral engagements

Mayoral diary of engagements

The calendar below shows all of the official engagements which the Mayor is currently scheduled to attend. It will also show when the Mayor is unavailable to attend events in which case the Deputy Mayor should be able to attend instead.

PLEASE NOTE: the Google Map links in the Google diary below may not be 100% accurate. If you are interested in attending one of the public events listed in this calendar please use the actual address and postcode provided and do not rely entirely on the Google Maps location.

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How to invite the Mayor to attend an event

If you would like to enquire about booking the Mayor for an event you should send in a request for an attendance at an event or engagement at least 14 days in advance. Where possible you should telephone to check the date is available before requesting the Mayor's attendance. You will need to confirm your request in writing or online.

To do this you can contact the Mayor's Office in any of the following ways:

  • By post: please contact the Mayor's Assistant (see contact details to the right)
  • Online: You can request a Mayoral Engagement by completing the form below and emailing it back to us
  • By email: please contact the Mayor's Assistant (see contact details to the right)

Please be aware:

  • that submitting a request does not guarantee that the Mayor will be able to attend - attendance will be subject to confirmation at a later date
  • when your request is received in the Mayor's Office we will confirm the Mayor's attendance
  • if you are sent an engagement form to complete, please complete it and return it at least seven working days before the engagement

In all cases: Please provide as much detail on the form to ensure that the Mayor is fully informed about your event:

You can send the completed form back as an e-mail attachment to the Worthing Mayor's Assistant.

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Mayoral engagements - Guidance notes


By Act of Parliament The Mayor has precedence in all places within the Borough of Worthing, with the exception of Her Majesty the Queen and members of the Royal Family, or The Lord Lieutenant of the County when representing the Crown.

Event Information

Please remember to enclose any background information about the function/organisation eg Annual Reports, Terms of Reference, minutes, newssheets, programmes, any suggested speeches / words / copies of lessons to be read in Church. Please state if there are to be any other VIPs invited, for example Royalty, Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, Forces or Religious Personnel etc.

Please note that when the Mayoress is not able to attend an event the Mayor may be accompanied by a guest or a Ward Councillor, or he will attend the event on his own.


Please ensure that a responsible person is delegated to greet the Mayor (and/or the Mayoress) on arrival and that the Mayor is then accompanied - not necessarily by the same person - for the whole event.


At events held within the Borough, the Mayor's precedence requires that he should be seated to the immediate right of the President, Chairman or Host. The Mayoress, if present, may be placed on the left of the person presiding or on the right of the Mayor.

Toasts and speeches

If you wish the Mayor to propose or response to a toast or make a speech, please submit the relevant details with mayoral engagement form. Details should include at what point he should speak, speech length and whether formal/informal, to whom he should refer etc. Ideally please submit in writing what you would like the Mayor to say.

Press releases

Please note that although the local media (radio, TV and newspapers) are notified by the Civic Office of the Mayor's engagements you are requested to ensure you carry out your own publicity. However please note that this does not mean they will attend all engagements!

Mayor's Chaplain

Revd. Brian Penfold, St. George's Church, St. George's Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 2DS
See also: St. George's Church website

Church services

The Mayor and Mayoress should be met at the entrance to the Church and conducted, usually, to the front right pew. (At funeral services, it is normal for family mourners to occupy the front right hand pew and for the Mayoral party to take the left). It is courteous for the congregation to rise at the Mayor's entry and at his departure. If you wish the Mayor to read a lesson (or anything else) then please enclose a copy with the Mayoral engagement form.

Visits to schools or meetings

Where appropriate, the assembly should rise upon the Mayor's entrance and again on his departure.

Mayoral Car

Please reserve a parking space for the Mayoral car as near to the reception entrance as possible. Please indicate arrival point (ie main entrance) and supply map of venue/local area (if appropriate). The Mayoral car is driven by the Mayor.

Mode of Address

When writing, the envelope should be addressed:

  • The Worshipful The Mayor of Worthing,
    Councillor Alex Harman
    Mayor's Parlour,
    Worthing Town Hall,
    Chapel Road,
    West Sussex,
    BN11 1HA

When starting a letter:

  • Dear Mr Mayor

When being formally announced at a function:

  • Very formal:
    The Worshipful (The Mayor of Worthing), Councillor Alex Harman
    The Mayoress of Worthing Mrs Fran Harman

  • Less formal:
    The Mayor of Worthing, Councillor Alex Harman
    Mayoress Mrs Fran Harman

When speaking directly to the Mayor or Mayoress:

  • Mr Mayor
  • Mayoress

When the Mayoress is present:

  • The Worshipful the Mayor of Worthing, Councillor Alex Harman and Mayoress Mrs Fran Harman.

Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress

The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Paul Baker and Mrs. Sandra Baker is the Deputy Mayoress.

If the Deputy Mayor is attending on behalf of the Mayor, he deputises for him in all respects and should be accorded the same precedence as the Mayor himself. Separate biographical notes and Mayoral Engagement Forms will be issued when the Deputy Mayor is carrying out an engagement on behalf of the Mayor.

See also: Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress

Refreshments - please note

Mayor and Mayoress:

  • The Mayor has a dairy intolerance
  • The Mayoress does not eat fish and pate
  • The Mayor has no drink preference
  • The Mayoress drinks orange juice

Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress:

  • The Deputy Mayor does not have any special requirements although he is a diabetic and does not eat desserts but will have cheese and biscuits
  • The Deputy Mayoress does not eat cheese or fish but she will eat prawns and mussels
  • The Deputy Mayor drinks decaf coffee
  • The Deputy Mayoress drinks non-sparkling bottled water
  • They do not drink alcohol

Charity Donations

If appropriate the Mayor and Mayoress would prefer to receive flowers or a donation to the Mayor's chosen charities:

  • The Ashdown Centre
  • Worthing Mencap
  • The Alzheimer's Society

Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth Mayor

Joshua Davies has been elected Youth Mayor for 2017-18 and Katie Waters as the Deputy Youth Mayor.

The Youth Mayor or Deputy Youth Mayor will accompany the Mayor or Deputy Mayor on selected engagements.

The Youth Mayor or Deputy Youth Mayor will be accompanied by the Youth Council Chaperone who will assist the Youth Mayor or Deputy Youth Mayor enabling the engagement to run smoothly.

If possible it would be appreciated if waiting accommodation is made available during the engagement and if they could also be included in the catering arrangements.

Should you wish to invite the Youth Mayor/Deputy Youth Mayor to your event:


See also: Youth Mayor & Deputy Youth Mayor

Data Protection Act 1998

You are advised that personal data (your name and telephone numbers) will be published and made available to the public via the Mayoral weekly engagements list on the Council's website.

Please advise the Mayor's Assistant if you do not agree to your details being included on this list.

If you have any queries about any aspect of the Mayor's visit please contact the Mayor's Assistant.

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