Shoreham area development sites map

The Adur Local Plan (2017) and Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan (2019) allocate a number of sites along the western arm of the River Adur for redevelopment over the next 15 years. Some of these sites have now been granted planning permission, whilst applications have been submitted on several other sites. Additionally, permission has been granted for redevelopment of other sites in Shoreham-by-Sea town centre, such as the former Adur Civic Centre, and The Mannings on Ham Road / Surry Street.

As part of granting planning permission, the Council enters a legal agreement, known as a Section 106 agreement, that sets out the infrastructure provision and payments required in order to mitigate the impacts of that development.

Map of development site

The map below shows a snapshot (as at February 2023) of development sites in and around the Western Harbour Arm, along with a summary of the Section 106 contributions these sites will make to delivering essential infrastructure:

The interactive map below shows sites in the Shoreham area that:

  • are allocated for development in the Adur Local Plan (2017) and/or Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan (2019)
  • have submitted a planning application which has not yet been determined; or
  • have been granted planning permission

The map shows sites across Adur. You can either:

List of development sites in the Shoreham area (as shown on the map above)

Development sites in the Shoreham area are listed below. Where a planning application has been submitted, there is a link to the application page on the Council’s planning portal. Where planning permission has been granted, there is also a link to the Section 106 agreement.

Category A: allocated for development in the Adur Local Plan (2017) and/or Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan (2019). No planning application submitted

  • Kwik Fit and Ham Business Centre
  • New Wharf and Fisherman's Wharf
  • Egypt Wharf and Lennard's Wharf

Category B: planning application submitted, not yet determined

  • No current applications

Category C: planning permission refused

Category D: planning permission granted

Please note: Due to the size and nature of the S106 PDF documents below they cannot be accessibility checked. If you need assistance with the documents please contact the Planning Policy Team:

Western Harbour Arm - Permissions to date

This note gives a summary of developments granted consent within the Western Harbour Arm allocation in Shoreham, as at 1st April 2023. It explains what infrastructure has been secured by each development (including the role of s106 agreements). Whilst reference is made to schemes pending decision (in particular where Planning Committee has resolved to grant consent subject to s106 agreement), this document will be fully updated once legal agreements have been signed and planning permission is granted.

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Page last updated: 14 August 2023

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