Worthing conservation areas

There are 26 designated Conservation Areas within Worthing which cover areas of special architectural or historic interest. Two of these (listed separately) are also located within the South Downs National Park (SDNP).

The Conservation Areas, guides and maps are linked below:

South Downs National Park (SDNP): There are two Conservation Areas, Castle Goring and Highdown, which are within in the National Park Authority for planning purposes. Information relating to these conservation areas and others within the National Park, including the latest Character Appraisal and Management Plan for both Castle Goring and Highdown, can therefore be viewed on the National Park Authority's website via these links:

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Date of Designation

If you live within a Conservation Area, you will be subject to additional planning controls. For instance, if you wish to substantially demolish a non-listed building in a Conservation Area then you would require a separate form of consent, known as Conservation Area Consent.

In certain Conservation Areas the Council has served Article 4 Directions, which remove the normal permitted development rights for alterations to dwelling houses such as the removal of walls, replacement of roof tiles and windows. If you intend to carry out any demolition works, other development, or if you wish to carry out works to trees in a Conservation Area you are advised to contact the Planning Section. We will clarify whether an application for Conservation Area Consent or planning permission will be required, or in the case of trees whether such works will be acceptable.

Conservation area maps (including listed buildings) can also be found on our interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) and are searchable by postcode or address.

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Page last updated: 01 December 2023

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