How to apply for a Seasonal Concession Licence

Please note: We are now taking late applications for any remaining Summer Season Licences. Our online portal will remain open for the next few weeks to allow businesses to continue submitting applications. During this time, offers will be made to applicants on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions please get in touch with the Concessions Team:

Concession Licence Fees 2024

Following the ongoing progress of the concessions programme, a review of the fees has been undertaken ahead of Summer 2024.

All net income gained from concessions revenue is ring-fenced for reinvestment into future regeneration projects along the seafront and in the public parks across Adur and Worthing.

Full payment for the agreed licence period and any legal costs incurred in preparation of the licence, along with an administration fee of £55.00 is required in advance of the start date by the applicant, unless an instalment plan has been agreed.

If an instalment plan is agreed, prompt payment of each invoice is expected. Failure to complete payment within 30 days of the invoice being issued may result in termination of licence and/or loss of ability to apply for a licence in the subsequent two seasons.

Concession Licence Fees 2023/24
Type Price
Peak Month
(Jun, Jul, Aug)
Off Peak
Food and/or
1 £2,385.00 £530.00 £265.00 £1,590.00
Food and/or
2 £1,890.00 £420.00 £210.00 £1,260.00
Food and/or
3 £1,260.00 £280.00 £140.00 £840.00
W £1,260.00 * N/A £210.00 £1,260.00
Ice Cream Van
C1 £2,745.00 £610.00 £305.00 N/A
Ice Cream Van
other beach
C2 £2,385.00 £530.00 £265.00 N/A
Ice Cream
cart/small unit
C3 £1,260.00 £280.00 £140.00 N/A

Please note:

* No peak month price for watersports or other leisure uses

For all pitches:

  • The Council reserves the right to charge an enhanced fee for premium pitches, categorised by being adjacent to high footfall, year-round attractions.
  • VAT is charged where applicable. Usually, VAT only applies to 'ambulatory' concessions.
  • A deposit of £50.00 is payable upon collection of an access key, where required. The deposit will be returned in full providing the key is returned within seven days of the licence ending. Outside the seven-day period, the deposit will be returned at the Council's discretion.

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List of available concession pitches for Summer 2024

Late applications for remaining Summer pitches 2024 (19 pitches available)

The following pitches are all available for late application to the Summer 2024 season.

Please note that:

  • Applications will be considered and offered on a first come, first served basis
  • The Licence Fee will be adjusted according to the Period of Licence

Lists below show:

  • Pitch/Cluster Location: Pitch Reference: Fee for Summer 2024

Food or Refreshments - Summer 2024 (2 pitches):

  • Teville Gate: WP/CS006-FR: £1,260.00
  • Teville Gate: WP/CS007-FR: £1,260.00

Food - Summer 2024 (4 pitches):

  • Lido Cluster: LI/CS001-F: £2,385.00
  • Thorn Cluster: TH/CS003-F: £1,890.00
  • Travelodge Cluster: TR/CS001-F: £2,385.00
  • Coronation Green Cluster: CO/CS001-F: £1,890.00

Refreshments - Summer 2024 (5 pitches):

  • Adur River Cluster: AD/CS002-R: £1,260.00
  • Parks - Homefield Park: WP/CS001-R: £1,890.00
  • Parks - Storrington Rise: WP/CS004-R: £1,260.00
  • Heene Cluster (alcohol): HE/CS002-R: £1,890.00
  • Thorn Cluster: TH/CS004-R: £1,890.00

Ice Creams - Summer 2024 (2 pitches):

  • Coronation Green Cluster (cart/small unit): CO/CS002-I: £1,260.00
  • Windsor Cluster: WI/CS002-I: £1,260.00

Leisure, Arts and Crafts - Summer 2024 (6 pitches):

  • Brooklands Cluster: BR/CS003-L: £1,260.00
  • Heene Cluster: HE/CS003-L: £1,260.00
  • Waterwise Cluster: WA/CS003-L: £1,260.00
  • Southwick Beach: SO/CS002-L: £1,260.00
  • Grand Cluster: GR-CS003-L: £1,260.00
  • Crescent Cluster: CR/CS003-L: £1,260.00

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How to apply for a Seasonal Concession Licence

We are currently taking late applications for all remaining concession pitches for the Summer 2024 season.

Please use the link below to access our online application system:

Note: all late applications for Summer 2024 must be made via the online system.

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Seasonal concessions FAQs

What is a seasonal concession?

A temporary consent to trade from land owned by Adur & Worthing Councils, where no Council building is rented for exclusive use or significant occupation takes place.

Examples of seasonal concessions include ice cream vans, water sport activities, art stalls and food vendors.

A seasonal concession licence is not a permanent lease and only applies for the time the personal licence is issued for and with the person named in the licence.

Any vehicle used to tow a unit, trailer or equipment to the pitch must be removed during trading hours as it is only the main unit or trailer that is licensed to be on-site. Outside trading hours, all equipment including vehicles, units and trailers must be removed from the pitch and returned only during trading hours, ie no equipment, vehicle, unit or trailer can remain overnight at any location.

What packaging is affected by the single-use plastics ban from 1st October 2023?

The ban includes all single-use plastic cutlery, trays, plates, bowls, and balloon sticks, as well as banning the use of certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers used to supply food which is ready to consume.

From 1st October 2023, members of the public won't be supplied these products from any business; this includes retailers, takeaways, food vendors and the hospitality industry.

The ban will apply to online and over-the-counter sales. The ban includes the supply of items by businesses from new and existing stock and will cover all types of single-use plastic, including biodegradable, compostable, recycled and items wholly or partly made from plastic, including the coating or lining.

Businesses who continue to supply single-use plastic items after the legislation comes into effect could be given a fine. You can read more about this change and exemptions:

What can I do if I want to trade at a location other than the concession pitches listed?

We have a wide range of locations in Adur and Worthing, available for different operators, please see:

If you wish to trade from somewhere other than the designated pitch locations you will need to apply for a street trading permit. For more information please see:

Can I sell alcohol under a seasonal concession licence?

A seasonal concession licence does not permit you to sell or serve alcohol at any time. If you wish to offer alcohol you will need to apply for an additional licence through our Licensing Unit. If you only want to sell alcohol occasionally you can apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). For regular alcohol sales you will need to apply for a Personal or Premises Licence. To find out more please see:

Is electricity available at each concession pitch?

A few of the pitches do have access to an electricity point, which can be used by the allocated concession (recharges will apply for using this facility). Where an electricity point is not available, alternative means of power including solar and battery power should be considered in the first instance.

The Councils have recently begun a review of generator usage with a view to encouraging alternative power sources and lowering the potential impact of generator use on the environment. Generators will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances where no other means of power are available. When diesel or petrol generators are to be used then the noise from these shall not exceed 50dB LAeq at the nearest boundary to noise sensitive premises.

How do I access the promenade or my allocated pitch if there is a gate or barrier?

Where access through a gate, barrier or bollard is required to travel to your allocated pitch, you will be loaned an access key. This will be for your use only and a refundable deposit is required. You will also need to sign an agreement confirming you take responsibility for ensuring that other than when you need to obtain access to your pitch the access point will remain locked at all times, to prevent any unauthorised access.

What can I do if I have misplaced, lost or broken an access key?

In the first instance, please visit our Coastal Office on the promenade next to The Lido where a replacement key can be issued. Please remember that the access key is your responsibility at all times, and no loans will be made if the one issued is misplaced, lost or broken. In these incidents, a new one will need to be purchased; otherwise access to the promenade/pitch will not be permitted/attained.

How do concession operators manage their waste?

All of our concession operators hold a valid Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note. This not only confirms that their general and recyclable waste is being managed correctly and not disposed of within residential waste. We encourage our licensees to recycle as much waste as possible, provide recycling points for their customers and only use recyclable or biodegradable products.

From summer 2021, the Council has increased its public recycling points along the promenade in Worthing to assist the public in being more responsible for their waste.

Can I promote my business rather than be a licensed concession?

We welcome applications from businesses wishing to promote their products and services. This is managed through our Promotional service and can be applied for separately through our website, see:

Please note that at present we have eight pitches available for promotional stands:

  • In Adur: East Street, Shoreham and Southwick Square
  • In Worthing: Montague Place, Portland Road, The Beacon on the Promenade, East Beach, Waterwise Playground & Garden, and Goring Beach

Further information

If you have any further questions, please contact the Concessions Team:

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