Garden waste collections

We can save you from trips to the tip by collecting your garden waste and taking it to be turned into graded compost:

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Garden waste wheelie bins subscription

Garden waste bin collection subscriptions cost £85 per year. The service includes:

  • a 240 litre green lidded wheelie bin, embossed with three dots
  • weekly collection (apart from during the first two weeks following Christmas and New Year)
  • taking your garden waste to be processed into graded compost

Note: From 1st January 2021 permit stickers are no longer issued for garden bins after your payment has been made. Your expiry date is now recorded electronically. If your subscription expires your garden bin will not be emptied. Please ensure that you renew at the earliest opportunity to ensure continuous service.

How to use your garden waste bin

Please make sure:

For further information about our Garden Waste Collection service please see our terms and conditions:

Apply for a garden waste bin


By phone: Call us on 01903 851729

By post: Send a covering letter with your name, address, contact details and how many bins you require along with a cheque made payable to Adur District Council to:

  • Garden Waste,
    Recycling, Refuse and Waste,
    Adur & Worthing Council Services,
    9 Commerce Way,
    Lancing Business Park,
    West Sussex,
    BN15 8TA

Application forms are also available to collect from Portland House, Worthing Town Hall and The Shoreham Centre.

Renew your garden waste bin online

If you have received a renewal invoice please click on the link below to renew. You will need to enter your invoice number which will be listed on your invoice and starts with a '9':

If you haven't received a renewal invoice please click on the link below. You will need to provide either your telephone number or email address so we can identify your subscription:

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Garden waste sacks

Note: Only AWCS garden waste sacks with our logo on will be collected (see photo). Other sacks/bags will not be taken.

Garden Waste Sack

  • Garden waste sacks can be purchased for £1.25 each from various retailers across Adur and Worthing
  • Available to everyone - not just Garden Waste Service subscribers
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Collected weekly

Find out what can go in your garden waste sack.

Please make sure your garden waste sack(s) are:

  • ready for collection by 6:30am on your collection day
  • left on the kerbside nearest your home, and accessible and clearly visible from the road

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What can go in your garden waste bin or sack

Green tick - yes pleaseYes please:

  • grass cuttings
  • weeds
  • prunings
  • flowers
  • leaves
  • plants
  • hedge and tree cuttings (not exceeding 100mm diameter)

Red cross - no thank youNo thank you:

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Home composting

Home composting breaks down garden and some food waste (such as fruit and vegetable peelings, apple cores, etc) turning it into compost for your garden and reducing what gets sent to landfill.

We offer discounts on a range of home composters and accessories through our partnership with Get Composting - to find out more:

You can find out more about home composting, including what can be composted, here:

Please note: You must never home compost Japanese Knotweed. For information on Japanese Knotweed, including how to identify and prevent its spread, and dispose of it safely, see:

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Page last updated: 20 December 2021

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