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Garden Waste Green Lidded Wheelie Bins (sticker permits):
We are aware that there is an issue with the stickiness of some our new garden waste bin permits. If you think you require a new sticker please e-mail us on A replacement will be sent to you after the issue is fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Garden Waste

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About the garden waste service:

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About our Household Garden Waste Collection Service

Garden waste wheelie bins have green lids

  • Garden waste is collected weekly from the 240 litre wheelie bin service (subscription only) or from purchased sacks
  • Collections do not happen in the first two weeks following Christmas and New Year
  • Properties that subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Service will have a green lidded wheelie bin embossed with three dots
  • The bin supplied will either be new or redistributed stock. All bins supplied will be supplied clean, ready for use
  • All garden waste is taken to a licensed site to processed into composting
  • Your garden waste bin or sack(s) must be put on the front boundary of your property close to the pavement in a clearly visible location (or in your bin store if that's where it's normally collected from) ready for collection by 6:30am on the morning of your collection day
  • Please avoid blocking paths or other public areas
  • Waste not contained within the wheelie bin will not be accepted and may cause a littering nuisance if attacked by animals and/or birds. However, additional garden waste will be collected if in AWCS marked garden waste sacks
  • Please note that all existing customers renewing subscriptions will receive their permit, valid for one year, within 14 days after payment is received

Please see our full terms and conditions below:

Please note: that all existing customers renewing subscriptions will receive their 2019-20 permit within 14 days after payment is received.

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Apply for the Garden Waste Collection Service

Our weekly Garden Waste Collection Service is £85* for one year's subscription. Each subscription starts from the 1st of each month and runs for one year from that date, unless the subscription is renewed on or before the anniversary.

* Price correct July 2019

New customers will need to pay the Garden Waste Collection Service subscription fee before receiving the service.

Renewals will then be invoiced two months before the new subscription year begins.

Please call us on 01903 851729 to apply for your Garden Waste Collection Service. We cannot currently take online applications for this service.


Refunds will only be given for the following reasons:

  • Moving out of the Adur/Worthing area
  • Moving to a property with no garden (refunds sent to new address)
  • Person deceased
  • No refunds will be given after 6 months from your annual start date

Where applicable, refunds will be given pro-rata:

  • 1 month used - refund due £50
  • 2 month used - refund due £45
  • 3 month used - refund due £40
  • 4 month used - refund due £35
  • 5 month used - refund due £30
  • 6 month used - refund due £25


There are NO garden waste collections between 27th December 2019 and 9th January 2020.

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How to pay your Garden Waste Collection Service renewal online

If you currently subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Service and you have been sent your annual renewal invoice, you can pay online.

To renew online please have your invoice to hand - the invoice number (starting with a '9') can be found in two locations:

  • top right - in the reference section
  • bottom left - in the tear off slip

Sample Garden Waste Collection Service invoice showing invoice number locations

Then click on the link below and select the 'invoices starting with a 9' option:

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Buy garden waste sacks

Garden waste sacks can be purchased for £1.25 from any garden waste sack retailer in Adur or Worthing.

Garden Waste Sack

AWCS garden waste sacks will be collected every week on your usual bin collection day, except for the two weeks immediately following Christmas and New Year.

You do not need to be a Garden Waste Collection Service subscriber to have sacks collected.

Note: Only AWCS garden waste sacks will be collected (see photo right). Garden waste in other sacks/bags will not be taken.

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Garden Waste Collection Service: What we will take

We only accept the following loose compostable material in the bin:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Weeds
  • Prunings
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • House plants
  • Garden plants
  • Hedge and tree cuttings (not exceeding 100mm diameter)

We cannot accept garden waste contained in plastic bags or sacks.

The following must NOT be placed in the garden waste bin:

  • Seed trays
  • Plastic plant pots
  • Garden wire
  • Any plastic, glass or metal
  • Gravel, stones or soil
  • Food
  • Fish
  • Meat waste or bones
  • Disposable nappies
  • Dog or cat faeces
  • Rabbit/guinea pig bedding, etc
  • Japanese Knotweed (see Japanese Knotweed)

Items such as uncooked vegetables, peelings and fruit should go in to your home compost bin, not in to your garden waste bin, see:

Any waste mixed with food must go in with your normal household waste bin, not into your garden waste bin, see:

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What happens to your garden waste

All garden waste collected is taken to a third-party company (Olus) where it is processed into graded compost.

Their products are sold and distributed through landscaping supply companies and can also be purchased through the Olus website.

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Christmas trees

Christmas tree

Real trees (not artificial ones!)

In January each year we recycle real Christmas trees.

Your unwanted real Christmas tree(s) should be put out for recycling next to your general waste wheelie bin from Monday 9th January 2020 (date will change each year) on your normal refuse collection day.

If your real Christmas tree still has its roots then why not plant it out in your garden to enjoy all year round?

Please remember to remove all the decorations, baubles, tinsel and the twinkly lights from your real Christmas tree (and save them for next year) before putting your tree out for collection.

Artificial trees, decorations, tinsel and lights

If you have an artificial tree then please package it away carefully and save it for re-use next Christmas along with all your decorations, tinsel and lights.

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