Household refuse

How to use your refuse bin

Refuse wheelie bins have grey lids

Most households will have a wheelie bin with a dark grey or black lid and embossed with one dot for their general household waste.

We operate an alternate weekly refuse collection. This is part of our drive to help reduce waste and boost recycling across Adur and Worthing, which is currently only at 36%.

Please make sure:

  • your bin is ready for collection by 6:30am on your collection day
  • your bin is left on the kerbside nearest your home, and is accessible from the road
  • there is no additional waste left next to your bin (the only times additional waste will be collected are after a bank holiday, or following a missed collection due to adverse weather)

What can't go in your refuse bin:

If you have a compost bin then fruit and vegetable peelings etc can be put in that - see home composting.

Disposing of large items

If an item is too large to fit in your bin you can take it to the tip.

If you are unable to take it to the tip yourself we offer a bulky waste collection service.

Cooking oil, fat and grease

Oil, fat and grease should not be put down the drain. Even if it can be broken down with hot soapy water, it can resolidify once cooled and block drains and sewers.

  • Let fat cool down until it is solid, then wrap it up and put it in with your rubbish
  • Allow used oil to cool, then pour into a container and take it to your local tip where it can be recycled
  • Wipe residual oil out of frying pans or oven trays with a paper towel and put it in with your rubbish

To avoid blocking your drains, follow Southern Water's advice on:

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Page last updated: 18 August 2021

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