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Frequently Asked Questions for bills and letters

Below you will find commonly asked questions about the annual Council Tax bills and Benefit award letters from Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council.

Last updated: 8th March 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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My bill shows the whole year's charge on the front, how much are the monthly instalments?

A list of the monthly instalments is on the back of the bill.

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What is the increase in Council Tax for 2019/20?

The overall increase is dependent on where you live due to local charges:

  • Lancing + 5.3%
  • Sompting + 5.5%
  • Shoreham, Southwick and Coombes + 5.6%
  • Worthing + 5.6%

This is made up of:

  • an increase to the borough/district Council element of:
    • 2.4% in Adur
    • 2.8% in Worthing
  • the West Sussex County Council element has increased by 4.99%
  • the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner element has increased by 14.5%

The changes in the local charges are reflected on your bill.

Details of the charge can be found on our council tax bands charges and appeals webpage.

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I have received my Council Tax Support award letter but don't know how much Council Tax I have to pay?

The Council Tax bill is on its way and should reach you shortly with a breakdown of the charge including the reduction due to your Council Tax Support award.

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I have received a letter referring to Council Tax but it doesn't seem to be my Council Tax Bill?

This may be your Council Tax Support award letter explaining how much assistance you are eligible for.

Your Council Tax bill should arrive shortly.

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I receive maximum Council Tax Support but have received a Council Tax bill - what do I have to pay?

Everyone liable for Council Tax receives a bill even if they receive Council Tax Support.

Check the back of your bill to see if there are any instalments to pay.

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Why don't the figures shown in the leaflet from West Sussex County Council match the charge on my bill?

The West Sussex County Council leaflet only refers to their figures and does not include the contribution towards the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Adur District Council or Worthing Borough Council.

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I can see the monthly instalments on the back of my bill but don't know what payment method I am currently on?

Check the statement at the end of the list of monthly instalments.

If you wish to set up a direct debit then please complete the Direct Debit mandate enclosed with your bill.

Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your instalments and you live:

  • in the Adur area, please phone 01273 263111
  • in the Worthing area, please phone 01903 221061

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Why does the back of the bill state that I have a balance owing for a previous year?

This may refer to the instalment due in March 2019 from your previous bill for 2018/19, or there may be some amounts due from a previous year.

Any payments made after the date on the top right of your bill will not be reflected.

If you need to discuss this further:

  • if you live Adur, please call 01273 263111
  • if you live in Worthing, please phone 01903 221061

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I am currently paying by ten instalments but would like to pay over twelve. What should I do?

You can pay by twelve instalments but please phone us to discuss changing the frequency of your payments:

  • if you live Adur, please call 01273 263111
  • if you live in Worthing, please phone 01903 221061

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I like to pay using the PayPoint machine. Do I need a payment card?

We do not issue payment cards but you can use the bar code on the side of your bill at any PayPoint machine.

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My neighbour has received their bill, but I still haven't received mine yet?

We have almost 80,000 bills to post so they're sent over a number of days.

Please wait until after the 25th March 2019 and if you still haven't received your bill please phone us:

  • if you live Adur, please call 01273 263111
    if you live in Worthing, please phone 01903 221061

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My bill says 'less other discount' when it breaks down my annual charge and I don't know why?

You may be getting a discount, such as a 'Student Exemption' or a 'Carers Disregard'.

If you need further details please phone us:

  • if you live Adur, please call 01273 263111
    if you live in Worthing, please phone 01903 221061

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What is the charge on my Adur Council Tax bill called 'Special Expenses' for?

This charge relates to the maintenance of greens and open spaces and is shown as a separate item on Council Tax bills in all areas except Lancing where it's included in the Lancing Parish Council charge.

This is because In Lancing the Parish Council maintains greens and open spaces but in all other areas the maintenance is undertaken by Adur District Council.

By having a 'special expense' that's not included in the Adur District Council charge, we avoid the situation of charging Lancing residents twice (once in the Lancing Parish Council charge and once in the Adur District Council charge).

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Why has there been been a significant increase in the value of 'Special Expenses' for 2019/20?

The supplement has increased for 2019/20 as the result of a decrease in the income from participation sport, which has increased the net charge of the budget.

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