Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

If you need help with your rent

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) are additional payments towards rent if you are suffering financial hardship.

To get a DHP you must be receiving the housing costs element of Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or Local Housing Allowance.

DHPs are paid from a limited budget and each request is considered on its own merits.

This short video from Shelter explains what DHPs are:

Who is eligible to receive a DHP

DHPs are to help those experiencing financial difficulties pay their rent. We cannot award DHPs to help with any of the following:

How the decision to award is made

We consider the following things when you apply for a DHP:

  • your income and expenditure
  • your savings
  • whether you have any loans or debts
  • the financial circumstances of anyone who lives with you
  • whether you or anyone who lives with you is ill or disabled
  • any exceptional circumstances
  • whether you have tried to put the situation right yourself

How much can be awarded and for how long?

We look at each case individually. We will write to you to tell you how much we have awarded and the period we have awarded it for.

If your application is not successful, or you disagree with how much you have been awarded you can appeal. This must be done in writing within one calendar month of the date on your decision letter.

If you are awarded a DHP and your circumstances then change you must tell us in writing straight away:

Apply for Discretionary Housing Payments

Need advice?

If you need more help please contact the Customer Service Team.

You can also get independent advice from Citizens Advice.

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Page last updated: 21 December 2023

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