Second Adult Rebate

You may be to get a reduction in your Council Tax if you have an additional adult (or adults) living with you who is on a low income or receiving certain benefits and is not:

  • your partner
  • a joint owner or joint tenant
  • a boarder, lodger or sub-tenant

So for instance, you may be eligible to claim if your adult son or daughter, or elderly relative is living with you, as long as you do not also live with another adult who is jointly responsible for paying Council Tax for the property (ie your partner).

How the Second Adult Rebate is worked out

How much of a reduction you receive is based on the income and circumstances of the second adult(s).

There are four levels of rebate available, which are worked out as a percentage of your Council Tax band charge. For 2023/24 they are as follows:

Second Adult Rebate
Circumstances or income of the second adult(s)Percentage
The second adult(s) are all students 100%
The second adult(s) are in receipt of Income Support, income-based Job Seeker's Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance, or Pension Credit (either Savings or Guaranteed Credit) 25%
The second adult(s) gross weekly income is less than £244.00 15%
The second adult(s) gross weekly income is £244.00 or more, but less than £317.00 7.5%

How to claim

A claim must be made by the person who is responsible for paying Council Tax.

If when making a claim for Second Adult Rebate you also provide details of your income and capital, we will work out whether you will receive a bigger reduction by claiming for main Council Tax Support. You will be awarded the higher amount.

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Page last updated: 01 February 2023

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