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For details of the Chairman's availability please contact the Civic Office in Worthing Town Hall.

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Booking the Chairman for an event

Make an enquiry about booking the Chairman for an event or engagement

If you would like to enquire about booking the Chairman for an event you should send in a request for an attendance at an event or engagement at least 14 days in advance. Where possible you should telephone to check the date is available before requesting the Chairman's attendance. You will need to confirm your request in writing or online.

To do this you can contact the Worthing Civic Office in any of the following ways:

  • By post: addressed to: The Chairman, c/o Worthing Civic Office, Worthing Town Hall, Chapel Road, Worthing, BN11 1HA
  • Online: You can complete the engagement form below and email it back to us
  • By email: please contact the Worthing Civic Office (see contact details to the right)

Please be aware:

  • that submitting a request does not guarantee that the Chairman will be able to attend - attendance will be subject to confirmation at a later date
  • when your request is received in the Civic Office we will confirm the Chairman's attendance
  • if you are sent an engagement form to complete, please complete it and return it at least seven working days before the engagement

In all cases: Please provide as much detail on the form to ensure that the Chairman is fully informed about your event:

You can send the completed form back as an e-mail attachment to the Worthing Civic Office (see contact details to the right):

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Chairman's engagements - Guidance notes


By Act of Parliament the Chairman has precedence in all places within the Adur District, with the exception of Her Majesty the Queen and members of the Royal Family, or the Lord Lieutenant of the County when representing the Crown.


The Chairman requires as much notice as possible to attend events. Please note that it is usual practice that the Chairman is invited at least one month in advance. The Chairman can not guarantee their attendance and is subject to availability. If the Chairman is unavailable where possible the Vice-Chairman will attend on their behalf.


Please ensure that the Chairman is greeted by someone on their arrival.


At events held within the district, the Chairman should be seated next to the principle host/hostess.

Public speaking

The Chairman is happy to make toasts and speeches, details of which should be submitted with the Chairman's Engagement form. The details should clarify at what point the Chairman should speak, the length, the formality and whether anyone should be specifically referred to. It is preferable that these details are given in writing.

Mode of address

In writing the Chairman should be addressed as 'Chairman' in other duties the Chairman should be addressed as 'the Chair of Adur District Council'.

Press releases

Any publicity is the organisers' responsibility.


Please where possible reserve a car parking space for the Chairman.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman is Councillor Stephen Chipp.

If the Vice Chairman is attending on behalf of the Chairman, he deputises for him in all respects and should be accorded the same precedence as the Chairman himself.

See also: Vice Chairman

Refreshments - please note

  • The Chairman does not have any dietary requirements or allergies
  • The Vice Chairman does not have any dietary requirements or allergies


The Chairman's Office is GDPR compliant and no contact details will be published unless you give us permission to. All information collected will be used by the Civic Office for intended purpose(s) only.

See: The Council's Democratic Services Privacy and Data Protection policy


If you have any queries about any aspect of the Chairman's visit, please contact the Civic Office at Worthing Town Hall.

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Cost of Democracy - Reductions in Civic Office

The Civic Office is within the Members Services Portfolio of the Leader of the Council.

In the autumn of 2010 the Council undertook a residents' survey ('Your Chance to be the Chancellor') to rank services that residents identified could be reduced.


The five areas where Adur residents would feel most comfortable to see budget savings being made are:

  • 1st - Democratic representation and management

As part of the discussions on how to achieve the savings in 'Democratic representation and management' the Leader of the Council received an officer report with suggestions of how to achieve the reductions specifically in the Civic Office, as indicated by the residents of Adur.

The officer report is:

Leader decision is:

Therefore the Civic Office expenditure was reduced as detailed in the documents below:

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