Circular economy

Thriving environment

Adur & Worthing Councils is committed to reducing waste and reusing, repairing and recycling.

What does circular economy mean?

A circular economy is a system which seeks to eliminate waste and pollution by keeping products and materials in circulation. In a circular economy, products and materials are reused, recycled, repaired or repurposed.

Unlike the current system, where products and materials are used once or twice and disposed of, a circular economy would encourage those products and materials to be used again.

Circular economy versus a linear economy (diagram)

Our actions

  • encouraging waste minimisation by supporting West Sussex County Council's (WSCC) think before you throw campaign
  • installed recycling bins along the seafront
  • made composting more accessible through a hot bin trial
  • launched a commercial food waste collection service

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Page last updated: 16 October 2023

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