Marine Drive (the 'Greensward' - west)

Marine Drive 200 x 150

Marine Drive, 
West Sussex, 
(near BN12 4QN)

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This area of open space, to the west of the town, is known locally as the 'Greensward'.

This beachside green attracts informal passive and active leisure pursuits throughout the year.

It is also possible to hold a barbecue at this site, For more information please see:

The 'Greensward'

The 'Greensward' is a generic term for the grass area either side of the Plantation on Marine Drive that stretches from Eirene Avenue/Sea Place (near George V Avenue) in the east and Sea Lane, Ferring, in the west.

It is about 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) long and is on Marine Drive which turns into Marine Crescent (at the roundabout at the junction with Sea Lane, Worthing).

This area of open space is a continuation westwards of Marine Crescent (the 'Greensward' - east).

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Page last updated: 15 August 2023

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