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Taxi & Private Hire Trade Information

Taxi Trade Liaison Group

The Councils' Licensing Unit regularly holds meetings with both the Adur and Worthing hackney carriage and private hire trades.

Discussions at these meetings can range from changes in legislation to local communication between the councils, trade and public. Recent discussions have included congestion, air pollution, wheelchair accessible vehicles, a disabled users charter and unlicensed activity. All licensed drivers, proprietors and operators are invited guests and meetings may include local councillors, trade union representatives, the Highways Agency and other organisations.

Forthcoming meetings:

 In 2019

  • Worthing Licensing & Control Committee Hearing to consider the Review of it's Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Licensing Handbook - Scheduled for Wednesday 13th February at 18:30hrs at Worthing Town Hall 
  • Adur Licensing Committee Hearing to consider the Review of it's Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Licensing Handbook - Scheduled for Monday 4th March at 19:00hrs at the Shoreham Centre, Pond Road, Shoreham-by-Sea 
  • Worthing Trade Forum Meeting - Tuesday 28th May 2019 starting at 10::30hrs in The Gordon Room, Worthing Town Hall, Worthing
  • Adur Trade Forum Meeting - Thursday 30th May 2019 starting at 10:30 hrs in the QE II Room in the Shoreham Centre, Pond Road, Shoreham-by-Sea

Forthcoming Events:

A four week public & trade consultation regarding:  

  • Adur District Council's Taxi Handbook - Review launched 29th October 2018
  • Worthing Borough Council's Taxi Handbook - Review launched 29th October 2018

Is now in progress. Details of the consultation can be found here and all licensed drivers, proprietors and private hire operators have been written to.

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Safer Travel at Night - Advice for Drivers

Adur & Worthing Councils are working closely with the police to keep people safe when they are travelling, and to crack down on any illegal taxi and private hire activity that puts passengers at risk.

The trade is well aware of the dangers to the public posed by unlicensed vehicles and un-booked private hire vehicles. Our licensing officers work alongside the police to carry out vehicle and driver licensing checks, visit private hire operators, engage with the public and undertake other activities to detect drivers who are breaking the law.

The councils, when possible, will emphasis to the public the risks of using an un-booked private hire vehicle - including unlicensed bogus cabs and licensed private hire drivers who are touting or illegally plying for hire. Un-booked private hire vehicles are illegal, not insured to carry passengers, and pose a serious risk to their passengers - including serious crimes such as robbery, rape and serious sexual offences. The annual 'Getting Home Safely' campaign provides information on the rules for using taxi and private hire vehicles and encourages the public to use taxis or booked, licensed private hire vehicles.

As a licensed taxi or private hire driver you have a responsibility for ensuring that your passengers are safe when travelling in your vehicle. The way you interact with your customers affects the way that a customer feels about the journey they make with you. We expect the highest standards of conduct from licensed taxi and private hire drivers.

No form of sexual conduct between a licensed driver and a passenger is ever acceptable, even if it is consensual. Avoid any behaviour that could be considered to be of a sexual nature, no matter how well intentioned or harmless you think it is, as it will not be tolerated. This includes commenting on someone's appearance or looking at a passenger in a way that could make them feel uncomfortable.

We take this issue extremely seriously: all complaints and reports to us or the police will be fully investigated and appropriate action will be taken. A driver will lose their licence if they are found to have acted in an inappropriate way towards a passenger.

If you see or hear of any inappropriate driver behaviour, you can report it by calling our customer complaint line on 01273 263144 or email us on:

If you feel a customer may be in immediate danger, call 999.

Badges and driver IDs

Please remember that taxi drivers must wear their badge, and private hire drivers must wear their driver ID, at all times while working. This is a public safety issue as it is an important way for members of the public to identify you as a licensed driver.

The councils will take action against drivers who do not clearly display their badge or driver ID. If you are found to be working without your badge or driver ID, this breach of compliance may be subject to penalties and may lead to licensing action.

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Cross Border Hiring

Currently, PHVs can undertake bookings anywhere in England and Wales, provided:

  • The vehicle, driver and operator are licensed by the same licensing authority
  • The booking is accepted by the operator within this authority, regardless of where the driver and vehicle are physically located

This is commonly referred to as the 'triple licensing requirement' and could cause significant issues with enforcement, congestion, emissions and parking, as well as creating issues in neighbouring licensing authority areas.

A national change is required to address issues of cross border hiring which will otherwise further contribute to enforcement, congestion, pollution and parking issues.

The councils do not have powers to restrict this type of cross border operation and are currently raising these concerns with government to ensure we have appropriate controls.

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Hate Crime report it!

What is a hate crime?

A hate crime is any crime that is targeted at a person because of a hostility or prejudice towards that person because of:

  • Religion or belief;
  • Disability;
  • Race;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Trans or gender reassignment; or
  • Alternative sub culture

Drivers and members of the public should not have to tolerate it. You can report an incident of Hate Crime online on the:

Please always ring 999 in an emergency.

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Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council are separate Licensing Authorities publish their own taxi handbooks. Adur has a more traditional evening trade whereas Worthing is a densely populated urban area with a large late night economy. To reflect the different character of the two areas their handbooks contain some conditions of licence that differ to address the contrasting and unique issues of each.

There is a compulsory requirement for all Worthing Hackney Carriages & Private Hire vehicles to have CCTV fitted by the end of 2018. The Worthing Licensing & Control Committee having resolved that in the interest of public safety CCTV should be compulsory in all Worthing licensed vehicles.

Members were keen that the requirement for CCTV to be installed was rolled out gradually to minimise the financial impact on members of the trade. Consequently, a 12 month period was given for the trade to comply. An implementation date for CCTV provision was set for 31st December 2018. However, because of the number of vehicles involved the implementation date has been extended until 14th February 2019 after which date all Worthing licensed vehicles will be required to have CCTV installed. Drivers should be aware that replacement vehicles and vehicles being licensed for the first time will need to have had CCTV fitted at time of presentation for licensing.

The Adur Licensing Committee, when they considered CCTV, resolved that to address the issues that drivers and customers face in Adur did not require the compulsory fitting of CCTV but made its installation discretionary and approved a set of conditions for those proprietors that elect to fit it.

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