Submit a local authority search

You can submit a request for a local authority search by completing our online form (linked below) or via the National Land Information Service (NLIS) or InfoTrack Hub.

Alternatively, you can complete your own personal search of our register under the Environmental Information Regulations. For more information, please see:

If you submit an official local authority search to us using forms LLC1, CON29R and CON29O, Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council are fully accountable for the full, authenticated and guaranteed information supplied. We can help with any follow-up enquiries arising from an official search, as long as you can provide an official search number.

How to submit a search

We do not require a plan for the majority of search requests, as we hold all information against address records on our database. However, in some instances a plan may be required for clarification. This plan should preferably be an Ordnance Survey plan, clearly defining the curtilage of the area to be searched against with a red outline, or similar. A member of the Local Land Charges team will contact you if a plan is required to support your search request.

Please note: Where an email address is supplied on a search request, we will assume consent to return the search reply electronically. Should you wish to receive a hard copy of your search result, please contact us.

All additional enquiries for Adur or Worthing searches should be sent directly to the relevant department. These will no longer be accepted as part of the search process.

Request a search online

Please use the form linked below to request and pay for a search.

Please note: searches submitted online are not automatically validated or accepted by the Council. In some circumstances, further clarification or an additional fee will be required. We will confirm validation and acceptance of the search request, or raise any queries, via email. If you have any queries relating to an online transaction, please supply your email address and form reference number from your online request when you contact us.

There is a fee attached to all official local authority searches, which are detailed here:

Cancelling a search

If you have requested and paid for a search and you subsequently wish to cancel your request or halt payment, you need to contact us as soon as possible. If we do not receive written confirmation of a search cancellation request or notification to stop payment or cancel a cheque, we will still require payment to be made in full for any work that has been carried out.

Search requests can usually only be cancelled during the period before we have prepared our accounts for the day on which the request was added to our computer system. Where a search has been completed, or carried out to a significant extent prior to the preparation of daily accounts, it would not be possible to cancel the request.

Other online search services

You can also use either NLIS or InfoTrack Hub to submit your search online:

Checking you have all the information you need

Once you have received the results of your search, here are some questions you may like to ask your solicitor before you proceed with your property purchase, to help you make an informed decision:

  • Where did the search information come from?
  • If the local authority did not complete the search, have all of the required enquiries been answered fully?
  • Has insurance been used? If so, is the cover adequate and does it cover you after the date of completion?
  • How can any follow-up queries regarding the search be raised?

Any queries arising from other search providers compiling their own CON29R responses must be referred back to that provider.

The retroactive date for current insurance provisions are:

  • Adur District Council: 8th October 1993
  • Worthing Borough Council: 24th February 1993

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Page last updated: 16 January 2024

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