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What to do if you are struggling to pay your rent

If you are a tenant and are having problems paying your rent, it's important to seek advice fast. You are at a higher risk of eviction if you miss your payments, so you should make your payments in full and on time, or agree a repayment plan with your landlord.

Housing charity Shelter and the Citizens Advice have produced some helpful advice, see:

What to do if you are struggling to pay your mortgage

If you fall behind with your mortgage payments, your house could be repossessed. It's important to seek advice as soon as possible. The following organisations can help you:

Read more about:

Housing Benefit

If you are on a low income and need help to pay your rent, in most cases you will now need to apply for Universal Credit from the Department for Work & Pensions.

However, you will still need to apply to us for Housing Benefit

  • you are of state pension age
  • you live in supported or temporary accommodation
  • or on a legacy benefits

Find out about:

Claim Council Tax Support

If you are on a low income you may be able to get help to pay your Council Tax. Find out more:

Council Tax discounts

Also If you are over 18 and live alone, you may be able to claim a Single Person Discount on your Council Tax. There are other discounts available for students, student nurses, apprentices, carers, people with disabilities. Find out more:

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Page last updated: 10 August 2022

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