Buying a grave

Grave space can only be purchased for an imminent funeral. It cannot be purchased in advance. For more information please see:

There are various types of grave available, depending on whether you choose to bury or cremate the deceased:


Graves are for the burial of up to two coffins. Deeper graves to accommodate three coffins can be arranged but an additional fee applies.

Graves are available at the following cemeteries:

When purchasing a grave you can choose whether to have a lawn grave or a traditional grave:

  • Lawn graves: allow for a memorial to be placed at the head of the grave. They are available at Durrington Cemetery and Mill Lane Cemetery. Lawn graves do not have kerbs, to allow for the cemetery grass to be maintained.
  • Traditional graves: allow for a larger memorial than a lawn grave, as well as a grave surround or stone slab covering the grave area. They can also be planted and maintained by the family.

Traditional graves are available at all the cemeteries listed above.

In Lancing and Sompting Cemetery, Mill Lane Cemetery and Southwick Cemetery there are separate Church of England, Roman Catholic and Non-Conformist sections.

Cremated remains graves

These are for the burial of up to four cremated remains caskets. There are cremated remains graves available at Durrington Cemetery.

Lawn cremation graves accommodate up to two caskets, and are available at the following cemeteries:

Appy to buy a grave or cremation plot:

Reopening of graves

Burials may be accommodated in graves that have been previously purchased. To use a grave that is already purchased you must be the registered grave owner.

Grave ownership does not automatically pass to someone else when the grave owner dies.

If the registered grave owner is alive they must sign for the reopening of their grave. If the grave owner is deceased and is being buried in their grave, their nearest surviving relative must sign.

Legal requirements

Whether you choose to arrange a burial or cremation for the deceased you are required by law to submit any relevant legal documentation and certificates to Bereavement Services prior to any interment.

All fees and charges must be paid at least four working days before interment.

For information on burial fees and charges please see:

For more information on what kind of memorials can be placed on graves please see:

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Page last updated: 18 August 2021

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