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Self Service Business Rates accounts for businesses in Adur and Worthing. 

Before you start

You will need to provide us with some information to confirm your identity.

You can supply any combination of elements from the list below, as long as together they make up a combined score of at least 10. Individual scores for each one are listed in brackets: 

  • bank account number that you pay your Direct Debit from (5)
  • email address used for e-billing (3)
  • day in the month that your Business Rates payment is due (3)
  • amount of your last Business Rates payment (6)
  • your phone number (2)
  • your postcode (1)
  • your name/company name shown on your bill (2)

After registering you will be sent an email asking you to verify your account.

You will then be able to register for one or more services by answering some security questions, based on the information you have provided us. Once your account has been verified you will only need your username and password to log in to your Self Service account.

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Sorry - ADUR self service is temporarily unavailable: 
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Sorry - WORTHING self service is temporarily unavailable: 
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Please follow the registration guide:

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Problems registering for an account?

If you are having problems registering for an account please contact the relevant Business Rates team using the contact details below.

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Page last updated: 23 February 2024

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