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Kitchen and bathroom refurbishment programme - click for details ...

Adur Homes - Planned maintenance and improvements

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About Planned maintenance and improvements

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There is an on-going programme of maintenance on our properties. In addition, in line with national standards, there is a steady programme of improvements that will involve many of our properties.

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Survey on completion of works

On completion of these planned works we leave a survey card for you to complete. To save our postage costs you can fill in the survey online. Please record on this the work description on the card:

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Programme of works

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Kitchen and bathroom refurbishment programme - a brief introduction


The Government's 'Decent Homes Standard' places a requirement on all social housing landlords to provide housing that meets a minimum standard.
To summarise, a decent home should:

  • be safe and in a reasonable state of repair
  • be warm and weatherproof
  • have reasonably modern facilities

In order to achieve this standard the Council operates a number of programmes of work, one of which is the kitchen and bathroom refurbishment programme. Under our previous programme, between August 2013 and December 2015, we installed new kitchens/bathrooms in 530 homes throughout the district.

2016 and beyond

In the autumn of 2016, BSW Building Services were awarded the contract to continue the district-wide kitchen and bathroom refurbishment programme. BSW will be familiar to many Adur Homes residents as BSW's heating division currently service and maintain the district’s boilers and heating systems (see meet the contractor below).

Works started in September 2016 and targeted areas that were identified through recent stock condition survey data and information provided by the Councils' own maintenance department.

In the first year, BSW completed refurbishment works to approximately 320 properties. During this time, Adur & Worthing’s surveying team closely monitored the quality of works, the time to taken complete, and the overall satisfaction of residents. Following good results, in September 2017, the contract with BSW was renewed for a further 12 months.

Please refer to our 'Emerging Programme' below to find out where your area falls within the programme.

Prior to any works commencing in your home, a surveyor from the Council will contact you to arrange a visit to assess the condition and suitability of your kitchen and bathroom facilities. Some properties already have modern style kitchens or bathrooms from previous routine maintenance, refurbishment work or tenant improvements and therefore might only require minor works to bring them up to standard. Please note that you are not obliged to accept any refurbishment works to your home.

For more information

The kitchen and bathroom refurbishment contract is managed on the behalf of Adur Homes by the Surveying & Design team, based in Worthing Town Hall. You can contact them using the details below:

Colin Eves - 01273 263257

Roy Wood - 01273 263359

or by post:

Digital & Resources,
Adur & Worthing Councils,
Worthing Town Hall,
Chapel Road,
BN11 1HA

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The process is laid out in the PDF below:

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Meet the contractor - BSW Building Services

You can find out about the contractor in the information sheet below:

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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Q. How will I know if I will be receiving a new kitchen or bathroom?

A surveyor from the Council will write to you to arrange a survey to assess the condition of your kitchen and/or bathroom. Following this visit you will be told whether your home will be included in the programme. To see where your area fits into the programme, please refer to our 'Emerging Programme' document below:

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Q. My kitchen / bathroom are in a poor state and need to be replaced now. What do I do if my home cannot wait for the refurbishment work?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give priority to individual homes. If your kitchen and/or bathroom are in a poor condition and in need of repair, please bring the matter to the attention of your Housing Officer, or, raise a repair request in the usual manner.

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Q. Can I refuse the works?

Yes, the works are not mandatory and you may refuse all, or part of the works. For example, you may accept works to your bathroom but not your kitchen.

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Q. What work is involved in the 'refurbishment'?

Generally, a full refurbishment will include the following: Strip-out of existing fixtures, fittings, tiling and flooring; asbestos removal or encapsulation (if present); upgrade of electric wiring, including chasing into walls; installation of new kitchen units, worktop, sink unit, sanitary ware and over-bath shower, including all associated plumbing and connections; plastering and tiling where required; new vinyl flooring and decorating throughout.

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Q. When will the work start?

Please refer to our 'Emerging Programme' to see where your area sits in our programme. Once works have been approved in your home you will be kept up to date as things progress.

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Q. How long will it take?

A full kitchen refurbishment should be completed in 10 working days. When work includes both kitchen and bathroom, the works should be completed in 15 working days. Please be aware that the contractor may not need to be in your home every day, they will let you know when they need access to your home and will keep you informed throughout the works.

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Q. Who is doing the work?

We have appointed a local contractor, BSW Building Services, to undertake the refurbishment works throughout the district; this is on a 12 month contract, which can be renewed for additional years following satisfactory performance. For more information on BSW, please see 'Meet the Contractor'.

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Q. Will I have a say in the kitchen design?

Yes, you will be consulted on the design of your kitchen. Our kitchens are supplied by Howdens Joinery and one of their kitchen designers will fully measure and plan your kitchen with you. The designer will take account of your existing appliances and any new ones that you may intend to purchase. Please be aware that the design will be limited by the size of your kitchen, your appliances, current regulations and the selection of unit types and sizes available to them. You will be given a full set of computer generated images showing the proposed layout and your colour choices. You will be given a short 'cooling-off' period during which you can make changes to the design. The works will only proceed once you have signed to confirm that you are happy with the design.

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Q. Will I have a choice of colours?

Yes. We offer a choice of 7 unit colours from the Howdens 'Greenwich' range including matte, gloss and oak finishes. There are also 6 worktop colours, 7 vinyl floor colours and 6 paint colours to choose from. The wall tiles provided are white.

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Q. What hours do contractors work during the day?

Our contractor's normal working hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. No work will be undertaken at weekends or during public holidays except in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of the Council.

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Q. Will the contractors be in my home every day?

There are likely to be periods of high intensity work broken up with periods when little or no work is undertaken. The contractor will keep you informed as to when to expect work to be undertaken.

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Q. What if I am at work all day, can I leave a friend or family member in my home while I'm not there?

Yes, provided they are at least 18 years old, you can leave a key with a family member, friend or neighbour. Please don't leave anyone under the age of 18 unsupervised whilst work is being carried out. You can also make arrangements with the contractor to provide them with a key; please discuss this with your Resident Liaison Officer.

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Q. Can I leave the contractors alone in my home?

Yes. This may even be the best way to minimise disruption to both yourself and the contractor. Whilst BSW employees have undergone a full DBS (formally CRB) check, we ask that reasonable care is taken with cash and valuables, as a matter of precaution.

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Q. Will my rent go up?

No, your rent will not increase as a direct result of these works.

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Q. I am disabled and need a walk in shower, what do I do?

As part of our works we can provide an Occupational Therapist (OT) to assess your needs; we can then undertake any adaptation works specified by the OT.

If you are unable to wait until we reach your area, please contact the:

  • West Sussex Occupational Health Service
    on tel: 01243 642121

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Q. I have an adapted bathroom which is no longer needed; can it be converted back into a bathroom?

This can be considered depending on your circumstances and the age of the existing installation.

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Q. What do I do with all the things in my kitchen/bathroom?

Shortly before the works start the contractor will provide you with four plastic crates to store items such as utensils, food and possessions. The contractor can help you move these, and will return once all work is complete to collect them.

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Q. If I am unable to move my furniture will I be given help?

Yes, please discuss this with BSW's Resident Liaison Officer as soon as possible. Please note that BSW (and Adur Homes) will not accept liability for any damaged items whilst they are being moved.

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Q. What do I do about my pets?

To avoid injury to your pets and the workmen we ask that pets are kept out of the way whilst work is being done. Consider securing your pets in a different area of your home, or if possible, leave them with a friend, relative or neighbour.

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Q. Will my carpets and furniture be protected?

Yes, where necessary, dust sheets will be used to protect your furniture, and protective covering will be laid on your carpets and maintained as necessary throughout the course of the works.

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Q. Can I use my sink / toilet / cooking facilities etc. during the works?

Whilst every effort will be made to minimise disruption, there may be times when you cannot use certain facilities. The contractor will give adequate notice when this is likely and will provide temporary connections for any prolonged periods.

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Q. I am concerned about asbestos, what happens if it is found in my home?

Due to the age of our properties it is quite common for various asbestos containing materials to be found. However, please don't be alarmed if this proves be the case. Before any works commence, an asbestos survey will be carried out to identify any asbestos containing materials. The level of risk will be assessed by the asbestos surveyor and a decision will be made by the Council to either remove the material completely under controlled conditions, or to leave it in position and safely enclose (encapsulate) it with another material. Encapsulation is the preferred option as it is safer, less disruptive, and more cost effective than removal.

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