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SERVICE UPDATE, MAY 2019: Following the successful pilot of the scheme in Warwick Street during 2017 and 2018, West Sussex County Council are working to develop a suitable process which they will manage throughout the County. Until further notice, if you are a business in Adur or Worthing please continue to ensure that your street furniture complies with the guidelines of the pilot scheme in terms of what you can place on the Highway allowing for the minimum access space designated. This is usually a 2 metre clear walkway between fixed street furniture and that which a business places on the Highway during its working day. In all cases where a business places items on the Highway, valid public liability insurance cover to a minimum of £5 million must be in place and available for inspection by the Council or one of its appointed representatives when required.

A-Boards and Tables & Chairs Licensing Scheme

From 1st September 2017 a 'pilot' of the Licensing Scheme will be in operation for Warwick Street, Worthing only. All other areas of Adur & Worthing will be approached for licensing from April 2018.

A-Boards and Tables & Chairs on the highway

Temporary Street Furniture such as A-Boards, advertising structures and tables & chairs can help to encourage vitality and vibrancy within town centres and shopping streets by adding interest and colour to the street scene. When they are not properly managed, these items can have an adverse effect on the street scene with furniture causing obstructions to the pavements, adding unnecessary clutter to the streets and restricting the view of road users.

Complaints relating to access and trip hazards, in particular with A-Boards, have been increasing recently and Adur & Worthing Councils have worked with partners to develop this Licensing Scheme for A-Boards and Tables & Chairs in order to limit any hazards and promote vibrant town centres and shopping streets.

Warwick Street in Worthing town centre has a high number of A-Boards and Table & Chairs in relation to the number of shopping units, with a high pedestrian footfall. It has therefore been chosen as an ideal area for piloting the Licensing Scheme.

Outlines of the Policy

A-Boards and Tables & Chairs will now require permission from the Councils by way of a licence. One of two licences will be available depending on your requirements. In cases where planning consent has previously been applied for and granted, please be advised that the planning permission only permits the use of the premises for that purpose, it would still be for the owners to thereafter comply with any ancillary licensing obligations. For example planning permission could be granted for use of a property as a public house, or a restaurant that serves alcohol, there would still thereafter be a requirement for the proprietor to obtain the appropriate licences in accordance with Licensing Act to enable them to carry out that activity. Where we have now determined, as is the case with street furniture, that businesses are required to have a licence to carry out certain activities this would be an additional action required to that of the planning permission.

Licence 1: A-Boards

Only A-Boards, and no other type of advertising board, will be considered for a licence.

An A-Board must be:

  • A standard A1 size (approx. 85cm/33.5" high, 60cm/23.5" wide)
  • Manufactured to a high standard in a safe, static and sturdy style
  • Temporary and not fixed in nature; i.e. attached to other street furniture

A maximum of one A-Board per business is permitted.

Licence 2: Tables & Chairs

This licence will permit all items of Street Furniture associated with the business, including Tables, Chairs, A-Boards, Patio Heaters, Sunshades, Umbrellas and Menu Boards, providing they are only placed within the designated area, as assessed by an Officer from the Council.

Barriers to enclose the tables and chairs must be used to define the agreed designated area. This is to prevent the spread of tables beyond the licensed area and reduce the risk of accidents to pedestrians.

For further detailed information, and some frequently asked questions, please refer to the:

Licence Fees

Licence 1 (for A-Boards) will be £106.50 in the first year, and renewable annually. The current renewal rate is £80.50 per year.

Licence 2 (for Tables & Chairs) is calculated on the area in m2 that you wish to licence:

Area CategoryArea Range in m2Fee in First YearCurrent Renewal Fee
A Up to 6m2 £220.00 £111.00
B 6-12m2 £297.00 £128.00
C 12-18m2 £427.00 £173.00
D 18-24m2 £521.00 £207.00
E ≥24m2 £615.00 £241.00

All licence fees will be reviewed at the end of the Pilot Scheme, and annually thereafter.

How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications from businesses in Warwick Street, Worthing.

Please download your application form using the relevant link(s) below:

and send it with the relevant documents and fees to:

A-Boards, Tables, Chairs Licensing,
Place & Investment Team,
Adur & Worthing Councils,
Portland House,
44 Richmond Road,
BN11 1HS

Feedback and Assistance during the Pilot Scheme

As part of the Pilot Scheme, we are keen to hear the views of local businesses and town centre users about this pilot scheme.

You can send feedback and questions to:

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