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Timetables and Route planners


We recommend using a route planner to find how to get somewhere, but we have collected together links to timetable downloads for your convenience.

We do not have timetables to download ourselves because the bus and train companies do not supply them to us. We also do not copy them from their websites because they could easily become out of date.

Bus timetables

Please see the bus company websites for timetables:

If you are not sure which bus company operates in your town or village, please see the Buses page.

If you are not sure how to get somewhere by bus, or which stop to catch the bus at, please see Route Planners - How to get somewhere

Train timetables

Please see the train company websites for timetables:

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Route Planners - How to get somewhere

If you are not sure how to get somewhere, or which bus stop to catch a bus at, a journey planner can help you find your way to your destination even if the journey involves public transport or parts of the journey on foot.

There are lots of journey planners out there, but here are ones you may find useful:

See also:

How to get to the council's offices

If you are trying to find how to get to Adur & Worthing Councils' offices, please see How to get here.

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