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Cycle routes

Cycle lane Worthing seafrontAdur and Worthing have an increasing number of cycle routes and lanes, some of which make use of our privileged location on the South Coast and the South Downs National Park.

Routes and trails in this area include:

  • National Route 2 of the National Cycle Network: runs through Sussex from Worthing to Rye. Brighton to Hastings via Polegate is a part of the Downs and Weald Cycle Route. Worthing to Chichester is still under development. When complete National Route 2 will connect Dover in Kent with St Austell in Cornwall.

    The National Route 2 through Adur & Worthing includes Shoreham Harbour, Shoreham-by-Sea town centre, Shoreham Beach, Widewater, Lancing and the recently opened extension in Worthing that follows the promenade using a shared route with pedestrians. The route currently ends at George V Avenue in West Worthing.
  • The Downs Link (Sustrans national route 222): a 3 mile (5km) Coastal Link from Upper Beeding to Shoreham-by-Sea by the side of the River Adur and then goes on to Guildford.
  • South Downs Way: a 160km (100 mile) National Trail running from Winchester in Hampshire to Eastbourne in East Sussex. Passes to the north of Adur and Worthing.

  • Worthing to Shoreham-by-Sea South Coast Cycle Route: Worthing to Shoreham-by-Sea cycle route follows the sweeping curve of the bay for 7 miles, from West Worthing to Shoreham Harbour and is set against the back drop of the South Downs National Park:
  • Worthing to Brighton: South Coast Promenades: This great family ride takes you along the coast where you can admire the fabulous beaches of Worthing and Brighton on one side and the South Downs on the horizon on the other - for details see South Coast Promenades - Worthing to Brighton on the Sustrans website

For maps of these trails and other cycle routes in West Sussex, take a look at West Sussex County Council's cycle journey planner:

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Cycle lanes

There are a number of dedicated cycle lanes in Adur and Worthing, use a cycle journey planner to create a route.

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Cycle journey planner

There are a number of cycle journey planners on external websites, but here are some we have found helpful:

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Cycling proficiency for adults and children - Bikeability

Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads:

West Sussex County Council - WSCC - smallWest Sussex County Council offers cycling proficiency courses for adults and children.

The following West Sussex County Council website pages provide information:

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Advice and signs for cyclists

Cycling signsThe following external websites provide helpful advice and guidelines for cyclists:

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Advice for drivers - use the 'Dutch Reach'

Over 3,000 cyclists are killed or injured in the UK every year. But that could be massively reduced if all drivers just watched this video:

The Dutch Reach is something that is taught in the Netherlands, where cycling is far more common than in the UK. And it's so simple.

The video shows everything you need to know about one simple thing we can all do to protect cyclists.

What is the Dutch Reach? ... instead of opening your door with your hand that is nearest the door, reach over and open the door with the hand that is furthest from the door - this means you turn your body and increase your field of vision, allowing you to look further back before you open your door. Safer for cyclists and safer for you too!

Paul Tuohy, Cycling UK's chief executive, said:

“Some people seem to see car dooring as a bit of a joke, but it's not and can have serious consequences.”

“Cycling UK wants to see greater awareness made about the dangers of opening your car door negligently, and people to be encouraged to look before they open.”

“In the Netherlands they are known for practising a method, known sometimes as the Dutch Reach, which we think could be successfully encouraged in the UK.”

“Cycling UK has written to the Department for Transport asking them to look into this, and highlight the dangers of car dooring through a public awareness Think!-style campaign.”

Council, on 31st October 2017, agreed to promote this cycling safety video on the Councils' website.

For more information see also:

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Useful external websites for cyclists

Cycle club websites

Other websites

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