Bike hire in Lancing, Shoreham, Southwick and Worthing

Fancy a cycle but don’t have a bike - no problem, hire a Donkey Bike!

These bright orange, super comfy, easy to ride bikes can be hired 24/7 to get you around Adur and Worthing. The Donkey Bike system makes bike hire simple and quick for all.

For bike hire in Adur and Worthing follow these easy steps:

Find a bike: pick-up/drop-off locations

Locations in Adur - Shoreham, Southwick, Lancing:

  • East Street, Shoreham (south end)
  • Ferry Road, Shoreham (adjacent zebra crossing on Riverside)
  • Lancing Station (junction of Freshbrook Road and South Street)
  • Southwick Square, Southwick (eastern end, north side)
    Note: The Donkey bikes will be added to Southwick Square once the regeneration works at the space are complete
  • The Perch, Lancing Beach Green
  • Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham (east of New Barn Road, opposite Southlands Hospital)
  • Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham (western end of St Nicolas Lane, near The Red Lion PH)

Locations in Worthing:

  • Brooklands Park, Western Road, Worthing (next to the café, northern end of the lake)
  • East Worthing Station (junction of Chesswood Road and Ham Road)
  • Goring Road - east (north side, west of junction with Elm Grove)
  • Goring Road - west (north side, east of junction with Mulberry Gardens)
  • Pavilion Theatre, Worthing (next to the roundabout)
  • Promenade (opposite The Burlington Hotel)
  • Promenade (near Worthing Lido and Coastal Office)
  • Sea Lane Café, Goring (car park)
  • Steyne Gardens, Worthing (north western corner, nearest to Warwick Street)
  • West Worthing Station (outside main station building)
  • Windsor Lawns, Worthing (eastern end, opposite Windsor Road)
  • Worthing Station (south side, outside main station building)
  • Worthing Town Hall, Chapel Road

Need extra help?

For booking and service support Donkey Republic can help you out:

  • see the Donkey Republic website for full details
  • or check out FAQs via the App
  • or email (please indicate your booking number and/or name and ID of the bike you used, so they can find and solve your case faster)
  • or call the Donkey Bike customer Support number:
    • 0044 808 178 5353
    • Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm
    • Friday and Saturday, 8am to 6pm

Photo: A Donkey Bike on Worthing seafront

Cycling - a Donkey Bike (hire bike) on Worthing seafront

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