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Barbeques on the beach

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This is a guide on how and where to barbeque safely on Adur and Worthing beaches.

This is new information has been updated from the pages relating to bonfires on beaches, so please tell your friends and family about the new rules.

You cannot barbeque at:

  • Kingston Beach
  • Shoreham Beach
  • Southwick and Fishersgate Beaches

Please respect these areas.

You can barbeque at:

  • Barbeques are permitted on Lancing beach, from April through to October each year, in the designated area to the west of the beach where special disposal bins are provided. Lancing beach is controlled by Lancing Parish Council.
  • Worthing beach

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Barbeques on Goring Greensward

The Council also provide a number of large purpose made metal barbeque stations during the summer months on the Greensward between Sea Lane, Goring and Sea Lane Ferring. We recognise the positive benefits which public barbeques hold for residents and visitors.

Please make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions, a leaflet is provided below for your information. This will ensure that your barbeque will be a pleasant event and will not cause damage or a nuisance to other users of the land.

To organise a barbeque at Goring Greensward please see how do I hire this site for an open space event?

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Barbeque dos ...

  • always contain barbeques in a metal tray
  • always raise barbeques above the pebbles to prevent them getting hot and burning people or animals once you have left the beach (people won't be able to see where your barbeque has been)
  • once you have finished, please douse the barbeque with cold water to ensure the fire is fully out and the coals are cold
  • finally always dispose of your litter by taking it home with you or using the bins provided near to beaches when you leave - any food remains should be well wrapped before being placed in a bin

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Barbeque don'ts ...

  • do not light a fire - this is extremely dangerous to other beach users and has caused serious injuries in the past
  • do not cover up hot stones with cold ones - cold stones shatter when they warm up and can cause injury - hot stones can cause serious injuries
  • do not leave your litter behind
  • do not play amplified music
  • do not have more than 20 people at your gathering
  • do not please do not bring any glass on to our beaches

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Page last updated: 08 August 2022

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