Working with the Councils

Payment terms

The Councils' standard payment terms are 30 days from receipt of an undisputed invoice, unless specific terms have been agreed with a supplier.

When Adur & Worthing Councils appoint a prime contractor to deliver a service or project, it is expected that they will pay any sub-contractors used to fulfil the contract on similar terms to those that have been agreed with us.

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Purchase order policy

When we enter into an agreement with a company or individual for the supply of goods or services a purchase order reference will be provided.

If you are a supplier please check you have been provided with a purchase order reference when accepting an order for goods or services from us. You will need to include this on your invoice. This will help ensure prompt payment, as any invoice received without a valid purchase order reference will not be processed and will be returned to the supplier.

Invoicing the Councils

Along with including a valid purchase order reference on your invoice, you will also need to include the following information when you are invoicing us for goods or services:

  • a contact name and address for the person at the Council you are dealing with
  • your name and address
  • your bank details
  • a purchase order reference number (supplied by the Councils, as described above)
  • a unique invoice number
  • full breakdown of the goods or services provided
  • VAT charged and VAT number, if applicable

Invoices should be submitted to the Accounts Payable Team at

If you need to let us know of any changes to your contact details, or have any questions regarding purchase orders or invoicing, please contact us at

Please note that under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018, we need to record your formal authorisation to amend your records and therefore ask that all changes are confirmed in writing (email is accepted).

You can find out more about how we process your personal data in our Privacy Notice.

Standard terms and conditions

You can read our standard terms and conditions below:

Public Procurement Review Service

We aim to be fair and transparent and treat all bidders equally during all procurement processes. We therefore fully support the aims of the Cabinet Office's Public Procurement Review Service, which allows suppliers to anonymously raise concerns about poor public sector procurement practice.

Any concerns raised with the Public Procurement Review Service which satisfy certain criteria are investigated and they will then work with the relevant public sector body to resolve any issues and highlight the improvements which could be made to promote good practice.

Before reporting any concerns about Adur & Worthing Councils to the Public Procurement Review Service please contact the Procurement team, so that we have an opportunity to resolve any issues 

Find out more: Public Procurement Review Service - on the GOV.UK website

Contact us

We value any feedback on the services we provide. If you have any comments, compliments or complaints about the service provided by the Procurement team, please submit using the link below:

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Page last updated: 20 August 2021

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