Viability (Adur)

Whole Plan Viability Study:

The Whole Plan Viability Study provides an appraisal of the viability of the Adur Local Plan in terms of the impact of its policies on the economic viability of the development proposed to be delivered by the Plan.

The study considers policies that might affect the cost and value of development (eg affordable housing and design standards) as well as the potential to accommodate Community Infrastructure Levy charges.

The study includes specific viability appraisals of the strategic sites proposed by the Local Plan that are key to the delivery of the overall development strategy of the Plan.

The study is informed by detailed work undertaken by consultant on the infrastructure requirements and costs associated with the proposed developments by the Plan but please note that some aspects of this work are ongoing and the subject of discussions by the relevant parties.


Supplementary Viability Information:

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Page last updated: 20 August 2021

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