Dominion Road open space
('Kitty's Field') and playground

Dominion Road Open Space

Dominion Road,
West Sussex,
BN14 8LE

Facilities and attractions

Playground Basketball Open Space Event

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Equipment list for Dominion Road open space

  • Smaller children's play equipment - 2 to 6 years typically
  • Older children's play equipment - 6 years onwards typically 
  • Two Table Tennis tables are available for visitors to the park to use for free

This recreation ground was purchased and established in 1949. The recreation ground consists of open grass areas along with a children's play area. The area was refurbished in 2015 with amongst other things a Carousel, Basket Swing and new Multi-Play Unit fitted.

This has historically been known as 'Kitty's Field', after a horse called Kitty, that used to graze here. Many people, including the Parks Section, still know it as Kitty's Field.

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Page last updated: 27 September 2021

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