Hamble Recreation Ground 
and playground

 Hamble Recreation Ground

May Tree Close,
West Sussex,
BN15 0ER

Facilities and attractions

Basketball Open Space Event Playground Passive Leisure 

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Equipment list for Hamble Recreation Ground playground

  • Younger children - 2 to 6 years typically
  • Older children - 6 to 12 years typically
  • BMX area (soil mounds)

Hamble Recreation Ground Geometric Bloxx

This community park had an exciting new playground installed in March 2017. All the old equipment was removed and replaced with play equipment aimed for toddlers to around 12 years of age. Safer surfacing was laid throughout the playground with a path leading from Hamble Road.

A challenging Geometric (Bloxx) climbing unit, two multiplay units along with inclusive play equipment are central to the play area which has a bold, eye-catching surfacing colour scheme.

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Page last updated: 05 August 2022

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