Report a missed bin collection

Your bin may not have been emptied for one of the following reasons:

  • it was not your collection day. Remember that your collection day will slip back one day after a bank holiday.
    Check your bin collection day
  • it was not put out in time. Bins should be out by 6:30am on collection day
  • it was not accessible or visible from the road - bins should be left on the kerbside nearest your property, and not be blocked in by a vehicle
  • it was overfilled and the lid was up
  • your waste or recycling was not in the correct bin
  • there was additional waste left to the side of your bin. This will not be collected except for after bank holidays or over Christmas and New Year.
  • there were large, bulky items, such as furniture or electrical equipment left out. These need to be taken to our Household Waste Recycling Sites (Tips)
  • the contents were frozen and stuck inside the bin. You can help prevent this by storing your bin in a garage or a sunny area, wrapping food waste in paper and placing a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the bin
  • adverse weather has disrupted our service
  • you have not paid for your garden waste to be collected, or renewed your annual subscription. Find out more about our Household Garden Waste Collection Service

If your bin wasn't emptied and none of the above apply, you can use this form to report it and we will arrange to collect it as soon as possible:

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Page last updated: 24 November 2020

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