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Missed bin

We are sorry, we didn't mean to miss your bin!

If one or more of your bins has not been emptied on your normal collection day you can find out if there was a reason why and report it as a missed collection.

We will only come out to empty bins we genuinely missed. If your bins were not put for collection they will be emptied on your next scheduled collection day.

Before you report a missed collection:

If your bin wasn't collected on its scheduled day, there could be a number of reasons why. So, before you contact us, please check that the following factors aren't responsible for your missed collection:

  • Was your bin put out on the right day?
    see our 'when is my bin day' tool
  • Was your bin put out in time?
    bins must be out by 6:30am on the collection day as collection times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Is it a bank holiday?
    your collections will slip back one day for each bank holiday, eg a Monday collection will move back to Tuesday, and then stay on that day until the next bank holiday when it will slip back a day again (eg to Wednesday), etc
    Bank Holiday collections are shown in our 'when is my bin day' section
  • Was your bin put out in the wrong place?
    it should be put out at the kerbside of the road nearest your property
  • Was it in one of our bins?
    we only collect from our bins, so was the wrong type of bin was put out?
  • Access to your bin was blocked
    eg we couldn't get it off your drive as a car was blocking access to it
  • Side waste - not all waste was put in your bin
    'side waste' in bags or boxes next to your wheelie bin will not be collected - except for Bank holidays, Christmas and New Year when excess waste may have been generated
  • Were incorrect items put in the bin?
    eg household waste in your recycling bin, plant/garden waste in your household waste bin, etc
  • Large bulky items, such as furniture or electrical equipment
    these will not be taken as part of the door to door household waste collection service - please see our bulky household waste collection service (and donating unwanted items) or you can take things to our Household Waste Recycling Sites (Tips)
  • Was your bin overfilled and did it have the lid closed?
    overfilling your bin and/or jamming the waste into it can prevent its contents from being emptied as they get stuck. You will need to remove excess items and ensure that the lid is fully closed to safely secure the contents. Overloaded or very heavy bins may not be emptied
  • Garden waste not taken
    garden waste collection is a chargeable service. If you think you may not have paid this year's collection charge please go to our garden waste page for more information on how to pay. Your green bin might not be emptied if it contains material that should have gone in the your recycling bin or household waste bin
  • There are unscheduled disruptions to the service (such as adverse weather)
    this type of disruption will be reported in the service announcements box on the homepage, or on our Facebook page or Twitter feed
  • The contents are frozen and stuck inside the bin
    you can help reduce the likelihood of this in cold weather by putting a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the bin, wrapping food waste in paper and if possible storing your bin in a garage or sunny area

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