Skin piercing treatments

Your business must be registered to provide any skin-piercing treatments, unless you are a registered medical practitioner or dentist.

This is to ensure that basic health and safety standards are maintained in any premises where these activities are carried out.

Skin piercing treatments include:

  • acupuncture
  • cosmetic piercing 
  • electrolysis 
  • semi-permanent skin colouring
  • tattooing 

The Councils have adopted byelaws to regulate the conditions of operators and their premises in relation to hygiene and infection control. It is compulsory to register both the premises and the operator under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.

In Adur:

In Worthing:

How to apply for registration

Please note: We are currently updating our application process and it is not possible to pay online at this time.

Please complete the relevant application form below and either send it:

On receipt of your application a member of our Administration Team will contact you to arrange payment. Alternatively you can enclose a cheque with your application.

Please complete the relevant application form, listed below. There is a one-off registration fee, which covers the cost of administration and inspection of your premises on a periodic basis. This is to ensure standards are maintained.


To find out how much a licence will cost please see:

Application forms:

To apply for a licence please complete one of the forms below.

Once your application has been submitted and the fee has been paid we will contact you to arrange a time to inspect your premises. This is to check compliance with byelaw requirements, and that general health and safety standards are being met.

Acupuncture application forms:

Tattooing, semi-permanent skin colouring/cosmetic & ear piercing and electrolysis application form:

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Page last updated: 07 June 2024

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