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Sheltered Housing for people aged 50 and over

What is sheltered housing?

Sheltered housing is for people aged over 50 years for some schemes or over 60 years for other schemes. It is for single people or couples who meet the minimum age criteria for the scheme and who do not have children or other dependants living with them.

Sheltered housing is a form of independent accommodation for people who can live independently, not for those that need to move into a residential care setting because they are unable to look after themselves. Sheltered housing does not provide personal care to people and is not the same as a nursing home.

The accommodation in a sheltered housing scheme is usually a number of individual homes which all have their own front door. Each home has a bedroom and a living room, or a combined bedroom and living area (referred to as a studio flat), along with a kitchen area and bathroom/toilet.

Support is provided to people in sheltered housing by a scheme manager. Scheme Managers often have to cover a number of sheltered housing schemes so do not live on site and are not available 24 hours a day.

Sheltered housing in Adur

Most of the sheltered housing in Adur is provided by Adur Homes.

See also: Chapter 8 of the Adur Tenants' Handbook

All council schemes have the security of a 24-hour emergency call service, as well as daily contact from a Housing Support Officer.

Sheltered housing in Worthing

Most of the sheltered housing in Worthing is provided by Worthing Homes.

For more information see:

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How do I apply for Sheltered Housing?

If you want to apply for sheltered housing, you need to apply to join the Housing Register.

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