Choice Based Lettings

In Adur and Worthing we use the Choice Based Lettings scheme to advertise all available council and housing association properties and allow you to bid for them.

You are able to bid for properties if you are on the housing register.

For more information please see:

How to bid for properties

Available properties are advertised every two weeks on the:

If you see a suitable property you can bid for it online, by telephone, text or using a coupon.

When you make a bid, you are expressing an interest in a property. Bidding is free, and you can bid for up to three properties in each two-week cycle.

If you need help making a bid please contact us.

How your bid is assessed

Bids are sorted into a priority order based on your priority band, priority date and local connection.

  • Priority bands: indicate the priority you have for housing. There are four bands, from A-D, with band A indicating those who have the most urgent need.
  • Your priority date: is either the date of your application or the date your application moved up into a higher band.
  • Local connection: prioritises applications from people who are currently living in Adur and Worthing and have done so for at least six months, or who have a connection to the area. There are some exceptions, which are defined in the Register of Housing Need and Choice Based Lettings policies (see below).

If you have previously breached the terms of your tenancy agreement, been involved in anti-social behaviour or have rent arrears you may not be offered a property, even if you make a priority bid. It's therefore really important to pay your rent and keep to the terms of your tenancy.

What happens next

If you are at the top of a list for a property you have bid on you will be invited to view the property. Sometimes the top two or three people may be asked to view a property, in case the first person refuses it.

After you have viewed the property you will be asked whether you want to accept the property, and if your application information is still correct you will then be formally offered the tenancy. If you refuse the property, you can usually carry on bidding for alternative properties. Each application is dealt with individually, so this is a general guide only.

You won't be contacted if your bid was unsuccessful, but information about each property which has been let is published so you will be able to check the band and priority date of the successful applicant, and see how many bids were received.

Choice Based Lettings Policies

Adur and Worthing each have their own Choice Based Lettings Policy:

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Page last updated: 28 October 2022

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