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Dog fouling / Dog mess

Report a dog fouling or dog bin problem

To report a problem with dog fouling or problem with a dog bin please report it:

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Information on dog fouling

Dogs - clean it up sign

Dog Fouling complaints are regularly received by the Councils' Dog Warden Service. Reports and letters in the local newspapers also highlight the frequency and extent of the problem.

Responsible dog owners know how simple it is to clear up their dog's waste. It takes very little time and there are over 300 dog waste disposal bins provided within Adur and Worthing. Bagged waste may also be deposited in litter bins.

Whilst allowing your dog to foul may only be a minor criminal offence it is one that upsets local residents, can cause serious health risks, particularly to children and can give all dog owners a bad reputation. No one likes to stand in it, so why do some dog owners ignore the law and leave it polluting our environment?

Random monitoring will take place throughout Adur and Worthing. 'No fouling' signs may be erected if considered necessary.

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Anti fouling stencils

Anti fouling stencils

You may often see these yellow painted stencils on the pavement as you move around our streets. They show an image of a person picking up fouling from behind a dog and under it is the instruction 'CLEAN IT UP'. These are applied by Adur & Worthing Councils staff.

We often use these where there has been shown to be a dog fouling problem and where resources don't allow us to keep people regularly in the area. The bright colours stand out against the pavement and it can be a timely reminder to a dog owner who may be becoming lazy in their habits. We have had many reports of fouling reducing or clearing up once we have made it known via these stencils that they are causing an offence.

The paint is ordinary line marking paint and it fades away in time. How long depends on the surface, the weather and the amount of traffic at the spot. This is not graffiti, we have been granted permission from West Sussex County Council. Anyone else who tries to copy this on public roads does not have this permission and could be prosecuted for Criminal Damage, so please don't do this at home.

If you feel you have a problem with dog fouling please contact us by the link on this page. However, we cannot put these everywhere and we will use our judgement as to their use.

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Laws and fines

The Worthing Borough Council Public Space Protection Order 2016, No.4 Dogs, applies to all land which is in the administrative area of the Council and which is:

  • open to the air (which includes land that is covered but open to the air on at least one side)
  • to which the public are entitled to have access (with or without payment)

Anyone in control of a dog is required to remove faeces deposited by the dog. The Dog Wardens regularly patrol Adur and Worthing and any member of the public witnessing dog owners who are blatantly ignoring their responsibility to clear away their dogs waste is encouraged to notify them in confidence. Failure to do so may result in an fine or prosecution.

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