Going Local - a prescription of a different kind

“Going Local has given me a new lease of life - I felt isolated and didn't know where to turn. Now that my worries are being dealt with, I feel more confident and ready to move forward with my life”

Going Local - two people talking

Life can be challenging sometimes - and when there's more than one hurdle, it can be difficult to know where to start. Social Prescribing gives you a safe place to talk at length about any worries that might be affecting your health and wellbeing.

To access Going Local you can be referred by your GP or other professional; a family member or by completing this form:

If you need support completing this form, please call: 01903 221222

One of our Social Prescribers will then arrange a session to help unpick what is most pressing and important to you. We will listen carefully as you tell us your worries and how this is impacting your health and wellbeing. Our Social Prescribers are highly skilled and will help you access the advice you need to help solve the problem.

Get extra support to feel well - social prescribing here in your surgery

You might be worried about your housing and financial situation, perhaps you're keen to find out about local courses or discover a new interest. Whatever you are looking to change in your life, we can use our vast community knowledge to help you focus on what matters most.

We are currently working with the following surgeries:


  • The Manor Practice, Southwick
  • Harbour View Healthcare (Pond Road and Downsway), Shoreham
  • Northbourne Medical Centre, Shoreham
  • Ball Tree Surgery, Sompting
  • Ball Tree Surgery - Kingfisher Branch, Lancing
  • The Orchard Surgery, Lancing
  • New Pond Row Surgery, Lancing


Going Local - Happy is Healthy

  • Victoria Road Surgery
  • Worthing Medical Group - Heene Road and Shelley Road
  • Lime Tree Surgery - Durrington, Findon and Phoenix
  • St Lawrence Surgery
  • Selden Medical Centre
  • The Strand Medical Centre
  • The Barn surgery
  • Cornerways Surgery
  • Broadwater Medical Centre

If you would like to know more about Going Local and our approach Social Prescribing, then please contact the team:

If you would like to request a referral for help please complete this form:

Video: Phil's Going Local Story

Video: Carol's Going Local Story

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Page last updated: 01 March 2021