Statement of Accounts

The Statement of Accounts are the Councils' published audited accounts which summarise the income and expenditure for a particular financial year, showing the position at 31st March.

The contents are entirely prescribed by statute, subject to audit by auditors appointed by the Audit Commission and published annually.

The salaries of the Chief Executive and senior staff ('remuneration' of employees earning £50,000 or more) are included in the Statements of Accounts below - search (Ctrl F) for the word 'remuneration' in the documents below (see also Senior Management structure). See also councillors'/members' allowances. (See also: open data).

Due to new Accounts and Audit regulations, from 2015/16 onwards, Adur & Worthing Councils are no longer required to produce a Joint Statement of Accounts.

However, both Councils must produce their Statement of Accounts accompanied by a declaration signed by the responsible financial officer. This declaration is attached below with the two sets of Statement of Accounts.

Further information regarding the Statement of Accounts may be obtained by contacting the Chief Accountant.

See also: Notice of Audit of Accounts

Current Statement of Accounts

The Statement of Accounts provides valuable information about how the council has used the financial resources available to it. The report is required by law and sets out in concise form various statutory and other relevant information.


Previous Statement of Accounts






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Page last updated: 10 August 2022

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