Revenue and Capital Outturn

The outturn report compares the actual expenditure for the year to the approved budget for the year.

The outturn report is the fourth budget monitoring report for the financial year.

Current reports

Revenue Outturn report - 2017-18:

Capital Outturn report - 2017-18:

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Previous Revenue and Capital Outturn documents

Up until 2013-14 the revenue and capital outturn were in one committee report.

From 2014-15 on they are now separate committee reports.


Revenue Outturn report - 2016-17:

Capital Outturn report - 2016-17:


Revenue Outturn report - 2015-16:

Capital Outturn report - 2015-16:


Revenue Outturn report - 2014-15:

Capital Outturn report - 2014-15:



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Page last updated: 26 April 2024

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