Annual Monitoring Report (Worthing)

The key purpose of the Council's Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) is to share performance and achievements of the planning service with the local community. It is designed to show what planning is doing and the difference it is making. This is achieved in two main ways by reporting on:

  • the implementation of the Local Development Scheme (LDS)
  • the extent to which the policies set out in Local Development Documents (LDDs) are being achieved

The AMR also provides the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of the Worthing Core Strategy. The Core Strategy sets out a variety of social, environmental and economic issues facing the Borough. A key role of the AMR document is to assess how effective this approach is being. The document also contains information relating to housing delivery and Worthing's five-year housing land supply, as well as an update on S106 Contributions.

Current Annual Monitoring Report (Worthing)

Previous year's reports

If you require an older report please contact the Planning Policy Team.

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Page last updated: 17 January 2024

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